Feeling Younger

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LifeIt’s so easy these days to get stuck in a rut.  The pressure of just getting by day to day with the usual daily chores be it going to work, doing the school run, housework, whatever it is you do on a regular, mundane basis.

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The Temper Trap – Live in Birmingham

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The Temper Trap playing live at the Hare and Hounds Pub, Kings Heath, Birmingham – Monday 28th September 2009 supported by Goldhawks.

Promoted by Birmingham Promoters.

What a fantastic night.   Still can’t believe we’ve been to see them, with all the anticipation waiting for the night to come, it seemed to be over in a flash.  They played songs from the album Conditions and had the crowd rocking.

Having seen them live it now seems to make the CD sound even better and far more special.


Temper Trap sound as good live, if not better, than the CD itself, which really says something about the talent of this band.

Dougie is the main vocals

Lorenzo (left) on guitar

Jonathon (right) on bass

Toby on drums (can just make him out at the back)




And of course not forgetting their support band Goldhawks who were equally as fabulous.  Will definitely buy their album and would go and see them in concert again.

X Factor

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Disappointed with the shows this weekend.  Starting to get fed up of seeing the ‘wannabes’ who shouldn’t have been put through to the judges in the first place and not seeing enough of the good artists.

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New York by Paloma Faith

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New in the top 40 charts is this record from Paloma Faith.  Called New York, it went straight in at no 21.

Sounds like quite an interesting character.  Amongst other things she has been a magicians assistant,  appeared in the new Terry Gilliam film “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” and appeared in the St Trinian’s film as Andrea the Emo.

Interesting and lovely voice.  Very listenable  (is that even a word?)


Her new album is out now called Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful.

Click on the picture left for more information.

To hear snippets from the album you can hear them below.

On some of the tracks she sounds like a cross between Duffy and Amy Winehouse (this is a compliment as both artists are good).

Favourite tracks at the moment are Smoke and Mirrors and Play On, but to be honest they all sound brilliant.

Letting Go

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uni_girlsOn the school run this morning I passed one of the mums who looked like she’d been crying.  Her face was a little puffy and her eyes had the tell tale signs.

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Tax on £1m Houses

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big_houseSo the Lib Dems want to introduce a new tax for people that own homes worth over £1 million.  This is to help people who are on a low income?

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Jeremy Clarkson in the Poo

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JeremyClarksonIt seems that people love or hate Jeremy Clarkson.  He is outspoken but quite often he says what a lot of us would love to say only we’re too scared to for fear of repercussions.  Yes, he’s stepped over the line on occasion and for that he needs (and usually has been) reprimanded.

However is he so bad that you would want to dump a load of manure in his garden?  I can think of far worse people in this world than Jeremy Clarkson.

And, to be honest it wasn’t the best protest in the world either.  Having people encroach on your home is wrong.  Having people (sorry women dressed as suffragettes) dump smelly things in your grounds isn’t nice, but at least on an ‘environmental’ level it’s great for the garden!  And that’s what they were protesting about.

What made me smile more than anything is the quote from protester Deborah Grayson who apparently said -  “Just as he’s ever so blasé about his CO2 and how much he’s contributing to climate change emissions, we’re a little bit blasé about our horse manure.”

For goodness sake, grow up!  That has about as much impact as when you’re at school, you know the old “Let me have a sweet and I’ll be your best friend” type comment or the pretend slapping contest when you don’t actually touch each other.  Or maybe even it’s about as clever as knocking on someone’s door and running away!

By all means have your say ladies, indulge in your passions it’s a free country, but honestly will Jeremy care – I think not.

Moreover whatever would Emily and Christine Pankhurst think.

Hallelujah by ortopilot

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Thanks to Clarepip on Twitter for introducing this singer who goes by the name of ortopilot.

He has a beautiful voice and this version of Hallelujah is truly haunting.

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Come Dine With Me

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Food-&-Drink1Here’s one of those programmes that you could easily miss but also one that you can’t quite help getting hooked on – Come Dine With Me.

A simple idea.  Bring 4 or 5 strangers together over the course of  a week and ask each one to take it in turns to host a dinner party.

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Unhelpful Banking

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Once upon a time there used to be a place where you could go to withdraw cash and deposit your money in a friendly, helpful place called a bank.

A place where cheque books used to be printed on the premises, staff knew your name and you could carry out just about any transaction within the branch with the exception of ordering foreign currency.

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