It’s Official – NatWest Staff Are Machines

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I have moaned about NatWest before (and I’m sure it won’t be the last) but my visit today takes the biscuit.

Standing in the queue to meet a real cashier my husband and I were approached by another member of staff to ask if we would like to use the machines in the foyer.  I said no Read more

Mr Hudson – White Lies

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MrHudsonStraightNoChaserWhile looking around for some new albums to buy, came across Straight No Chaser by Mr Hudson.

I’m just about to order the album and found this track on the album – can’t stop playing it.

Funnily enough this music video was posted onto the web exactly one year ago today.   Meant to be!

Mr Hudson - White Lies from MrHudson on Vimeo.

Willow Smith-Whip My Hair

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Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith has released a record and apparently is going to sign up to Jay-Z’s record label.

She is only 9 and although there seem to be a number of comments regarding the song being auto tuned and very manufactured . . . who cares.  Most songs are finely tuned and tampered with before being released and this is a great song.

To check it out go to

If you were in a night club and this was playing loud I would defy anyone to not want to get up and dance to it.

She may be in a privileged position with her dad having the right contacts but it sounds like she has picked up on Will’s talent.  I just hope it’s not too much too soon.

Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You

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kellyclarksonallieverwantedForgotten about this fab track.  This is from her album All I Ever Wanted.

Think it’s probably time to buy the latest album.

It looks as though it will be as good as Breakaway, probably even better.

By the way does anyone else think she looks a bit like Jennifer Aniston in this video?

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

Kelly Clarkson | MySpace Music Videos

Here is a snippet of the songs from the latest album.

Tesco – Every Little Helps – Unless It’s Customer Service

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tescoFor a company that goes all out to entice customers into their stores, with their ‘every little helps’ tag line and numerous voice overs from stars, I’m afraid the level of customer service is going down hill.

And funnily enough it appears to be coming from management outside of the branches.  Read more

Trinny and Susannah – What They Did Next

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Trinny and Susannah are probably best remembered for their series of shows What Not To Wear.  No matter what you may have thought about their shows or even what you may have thought about their personalities, they are about to become the big stars again with a huge fan base.

Having seen an article recently about their new web show I took a sneaky peak and I have been completely hooked. Read more

X Factor 2010

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xfactor1Well the audition shows have started back and we’re already 3 weeks into the programme.  I really wish they’d let us see more of the good singers.  We get little snippets and I always feel that we come away from the programme unsatisfied. Read more