A Girl Called Eddy

July 18, 2009 by  

AGirlCalledEddyWhile browsing through some albums,  I came across this one entitled A Girl Called Eddy by the artist of the same name. It’s melodic and very easy to listen to.

Her actual name is Erin Moran and she ‘s an American-born singer-songwriter.

The songs on this album would be great as background chill-out music.

Invite a few friends over, sip a cold glass of wine and have a good old gossip with this album playing quietly.  Very peaceful.

It’s also very romantic.

Here’s a snippet from the album which actually came out in 2004.

I’ve chosen 4 tracks that stand out (for me anyway).

  • Golden
  • Somebody Hurt You
  • People Used to Dream About The Future
  • Little Bird

Praise for this album includes:

“This is the extraordinary debut album of A Girl Called Eddy, brimming with romance, hypnotic beauty and languid melodies.singer and as a lyricist throughout.”

” . . . . . this record has been welded to the CD player since its purchase.”

“It’s rare to find a new talent so fully formed and satisfying. I can’t remember the last time I stumbled upon something new which was so crushingly beautiful.”


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