I believe that women hold information as a key to power.  Sounds a bit strong?  Not really when you think about it.  We seem to like to show the outside world how very together we are, combining career, homelife and everything else that gets thrown at us.

I’ll admit to that too, but behind the scenes my home is never ‘magazine article’ tidy, my children don’t sit around reading books and wanting to do extra work to improve themselves and  I don’t believe in pushing children into clubs either unless they have a real passion to do so.

Admit it, how often have you been relieved to hear someone honestly admit to something and think “I’m like that” or “I’ve done that”?

And it’s an international feeling too.  On a holiday last year I met up with a lady from Australia who had children of similar ages to me and she was asking me about the school system over here.  We got on very well and because of that she admitted to me that she dislikes the school run more now as a parent than when she was at school.

I knew what she meant, the cliques, the competition, the gossip.  I read the Playground Mafia by Sarah Tucker, and although some of it may be a little exaggerated for the book, it’s probably not that far off the truth.  How many people would really agree to that?

So this is what will be about when it finally reaches website status.  In a nutshell, use this site to look for inspiration, have a laugh, share your own story, give advice to others.

We may not be able to change the world but we can have a really good moan about it while we’re trying!

So come on, grab a drink, and enjoy the articles on the site while listening to a little bit of music too.

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