Absent Light by Eve Isherwood

June 30, 2009 by  

absentlightThis is the first novel for author Eve Isherwood and what a start!.  A thoroughly enjoyable page turner that was hard to put down. The story is expertly woven always leaving you wanting more and the author one step ahead.

Set in and around Birmingham Helen Powers was a Scenes of Crimes Officer with the West Midlands police who deciding to do the right thing ends up losing her job and her lover.

Fast forward four years, Helen has taken up a new career as a portrait photographer, when after a series of vicious attacks on her she fears someone is out to take revenge.   But for what?  As Helen’s past starts seeping back into her new life she faces a series of challenges that puts her life in danger.

Further reviews for this fantastic book.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were totally belivable and when you had finished one chapter, you couldn’t wait to start the next. Can’t wait for the next installment.”

“Eve Isherwood is a very good author and this book is a delight to read. The detail is vivid and the characters easy to see. I’m hoping for many more books from this talented lady.”

” . . .Action packed and exciting all the way through. I couldn’t put it down.  Helen is a heroine I could identify with, and the story is well told. Excellent. More of the same please.”

“This first novel from Eve Isherwood is well written and fast paced – the book is a real page-turner. For me, a characteristic of the work is the way the heroine, Helen Powers, moves from one dangerous scene to the next throughout, but the author holds us in each desperate situation for page after page with great skill before extricating Miss Powers to move smoothly on to the next difficulty.
The names Eve Isherwood and Helen Powers are destined to become famous with the reading public.”


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