Advertising Genius Part 1

July 6, 2009 by  

These days we are bombarded by advertising everywhere.  On buses, hoardings, sides of buildings, cars and so on. This is quite apart from radio and television.

To many of us advertising on the television is one of the most annoying of all as it only serves to interrupt our programmes unless of course you’re watching BBC.

They obviously boost a company’s image probably because people feel re-assured if the company has been mentioned on television.  But how many of the current adverts do you actually remember?

Personally I feel that many of the advertising agents have got it wrong, what a brand needs is a good old fashioned ‘jingle’.  Although I don’t use the service 118 247 is beginning to stick in my mind because of their catchy tune and it’s the same for some of the products that used to be advertised all the time.

See how many of these tunes you remember?

Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut

A little bit grainy but memorable never the less.

Penguin Biscuits

P P P Please watch this . . .

R Whites Lemonade

Are you a secret lemonade drinker?

More later . . . . . .


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