Cameron Diaz – Hollywood Star

June 23, 2009 by  

camerondiazCameron Diaz has been given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, which is great news and really puts her up there with the best.

I like Ms Diaz and most (although not all) of her films.  There’s Something About Mary is one of my favourites of hers.  Charlie’s Angels wasn’t too bad but I remember and loved the original series.

Her new film “My Sisters Keeper”, written by Jodi Picult looks like it will be a tear jearker this year and probably one of her best acting films.

What I find interesting is that actors and actresses can play all these emotional films and be different characters, yet when it comes to speaking on their own, it all flies out of the window.  I say that because her speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame just didn’t seem to make sense.

I concede that she was probably very nervous with all her family and friends around her and it must be a HUGE thing to have a star named after you.

Or is it that us Brits are not comfortable with the whole over the top thanking process.  We would probably mumble our thanks to everyone and make sure everyone was mentioned and then look for the fastest exit.

Anyway congratulations Cameron, just don’t give up the day job for public speaking yet.  But you have the last laugh, you’re probably worth a lot more than me and my town together!


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