Trinny and Susannah – What They Did Next

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Trinny and Susannah are probably best remembered for their series of shows What Not To Wear.  No matter what you may have thought about their shows or even what you may have thought about their personalities, they are about to become the big stars again with a huge fan base.

Having seen an article recently about their new web show I took a sneaky peak and I have been completely hooked. Read more

David Letterman – Sorry Isn’t Enough

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DavidLettermanOkay, so David Letterman may be an American icon on the chat show circuit, but does that really excuse him for his recently exposed off screen behaviour?

People in the public life should have privacy in their private life and to a degree it’s no one else’s business what they do when the camera’s stop rolling as long as it is within the law.

However in this case, he seems to have taken some delight in being exposed as an adulterer.  Maybe he’s having or had a mid life crisis and wants people to know that he’s still got it.

I’ve always believed that apologising for a wrong doing goes some way towards making amends.Take the recent politicians lying about their expenses.  Those that apologised and admitted they shouldn’t have claimed for some of the outrageous things, albeit a little too late, softened the scandal a little for those individuals.  But I have to wonder now if apologising is the new ‘lie cover up’.

Do it and apologise later.  This may be okay where genuine mistakes are made but not when it’s been done with little or no thought for the consequences and knowingly.

I’ve read the article on David Letterman with some incredulity.  Here is a man who has been in a relationship with his partner since 1986 and only married in March.  They also have a six-year-old son.

Here is an extract from the BBC news.

Monday’s Late Show was the first since he shocked his audience by revealing relationships with staff members and saying he had been the victim of a blackmail threat.

Letterman, who was greeted with applause from the audience, said “a guy” had threatened to expose his relationships with staff unless a payment of $2m (£1.2m) was made.

The 62-year-old host addressed the issue with a mix of comedy and seriousness. He joked: “I got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn’t speaking to me. Ouch.”

He seems to think that by apologising on TV makes it all the better.  Incredibly people are responding that it shows he is only human!

I’m sorry but have people lost the plot here.  The man appears to be a serial womaniser, sleeping with women and then going home to presumably sleep with his wife.  This isn’t a case of slipping up and having ‘an’ affair.

No one knows what goes on behind any marriage doors, but the fact that they got married surely means that they have some spark.

The poor woman not only has to endure finding out that her husband has been having a number of affairs, via the chance of him being blackmailed but also having the whole world know about it.

For a  country that is so moral in it’s family values and thinking – should they not think about whether he should stay in such a high profile position?  What message is he putting out and what about his poor son in all of this?

Maybe to embarass him they should get all the female staff he’s slept with him to rate him out of ten.

Milton Jones – A Very Funny Man

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MiltonJonesOkay, so it’s not the most inspiring of titles, but the two facts it states are right. Milton Jones (the comedian) is a very funny man.

How do I know?  Well apart from seeing him on Mock The Week recently and laughing out loud at his input, I had the pleasure of  seeing  him live on stage last night with my husband and eldest son.

Therein lies another fact.  He is suitable for young teenagers to watch as his jokes are clean and he doesn’t swear!  Proving that you don’t have to be crude and lewd to make people laugh.

It was a great evening and such hard work sitting having someone make you laugh the whole time!

Milton was in Bromsgrove last night, his 4th gig on what looks like a mammoth tour.  It’s a small theatre, very cosy and well worth the visit.  However, we had front row seats which are much lower than the stage, so unless you really do like looking up some one’s nose, it’s best to move back a little.

Milton’s Grandad came on first and was very funny, followed by a comedian called Paul from Cornwall (sorry can’t remember his last name) who was funny too.

After the break Milton himself came on stage and produced a really laughy show.  He had a few strange hecklers in the audience that he handled well and it all added to the evening.

Well worth seeing again (and Paul).  He’s also not quite as mad as he looks in this picture and better looking.  Check out a bit of Milton below.

And this is his theme tune:

Jeremy Clarkson in the Poo

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JeremyClarksonIt seems that people love or hate Jeremy Clarkson.  He is outspoken but quite often he says what a lot of us would love to say only we’re too scared to for fear of repercussions.  Yes, he’s stepped over the line on occasion and for that he needs (and usually has been) reprimanded.

However is he so bad that you would want to dump a load of manure in his garden?  I can think of far worse people in this world than Jeremy Clarkson.

And, to be honest it wasn’t the best protest in the world either.  Having people encroach on your home is wrong.  Having people (sorry women dressed as suffragettes) dump smelly things in your grounds isn’t nice, but at least on an ‘environmental’ level it’s great for the garden!  And that’s what they were protesting about.

What made me smile more than anything is the quote from protester Deborah Grayson who apparently said -  “Just as he’s ever so blasé about his CO2 and how much he’s contributing to climate change emissions, we’re a little bit blasé about our horse manure.”

For goodness sake, grow up!  That has about as much impact as when you’re at school, you know the old “Let me have a sweet and I’ll be your best friend” type comment or the pretend slapping contest when you don’t actually touch each other.  Or maybe even it’s about as clever as knocking on someone’s door and running away!

By all means have your say ladies, indulge in your passions it’s a free country, but honestly will Jeremy care – I think not.

Moreover whatever would Emily and Christine Pankhurst think.

Victoria Beckham

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VictoriaBeckhamSo, Victoria Beckham is to guest on American Idol – good for her.  It will be nice for her to get back into the limelight for a while as she’s been pretty quiet lately (or have my Beckham radar been turned off).

She said she doesn’t know if she’s nervous or excited, but having wanted to make it in America, she’ll probably be hoping people will like her.

Victoria’s probably in a good position to judge as she was part of a manufactured band herself and knows about auditions.  I’ve never felt she has a strong voice but that doesn’t mean she can’t judge others.

I just wish she’d put on some weight, she’s far too thin for my liking.

Twins for Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica ParkerWith the recent sad stories in the press lately it was refreshing to hear the good news that Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick now have their baby twin girls.

Read more

Michael Jackson Dies

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michael jackson1What a sad way to start a Friday with the news that Michael Jackson has died from cardiac arrest. It’s hard to believe he was only 50, which makes it doubly sad, but when you’ve grown up with someone’s music they never seem to age.

Read more

Farrah Fawcett – A True Angel

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farrahIt’s a double blow for Hollywood today with the sad news of Farrah Fawcett passing away from cancer.  Undoubtedly made famous in Charlies Angels playing Jill Munroe which inspired the flicked out hair copied my many women.

Read more

Cameron Diaz – Hollywood Star

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camerondiazCameron Diaz has been given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, which is great news and really puts her up there with the best.

I like Ms Diaz and most (although not all) of her films.  There’s Something About Mary is one of my favourites of hers.  Charlie’s Angels wasn’t too bad but I remember and loved the original series.

Her new film “My Sisters Keeper”, written by Jodi Picult looks like it will be a tear jearker this year and probably one of her best acting films.

What I find interesting is that actors and actresses can play all these emotional films and be different characters, yet when it comes to speaking on their own, it all flies out of the window.  I say that because her speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame just didn’t seem to make sense.

I concede that she was probably very nervous with all her family and friends around her and it must be a HUGE thing to have a star named after you.

Or is it that us Brits are not comfortable with the whole over the top thanking process.  We would probably mumble our thanks to everyone and make sure everyone was mentioned and then look for the fastest exit.

Anyway congratulations Cameron, just don’t give up the day job for public speaking yet.  But you have the last laugh, you’re probably worth a lot more than me and my town together!

The Stig Unveiled?

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stigSo The Stig, the masked driver of Top Gear will be taking his helmet off on tonights show. What a brilliant marketing way of getting us all to tune in to the show which will be on at 8.00 pm on BBC 2 (Sunday 21st June 2009).

Call me cynical if you will but it doesn’t actually say they will be revealing who he is, just that he will be taking his helmet off. And for anyone who watches any race driving will know, underneath the helmet is a balaclava type fire protection thingy (okay I’m not in the technical know how here).

As Top Gear is known for it’s comedic performances, it will probably be either Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May dressed up or someone totally unlikely!

I will be truly amazed if they do show his whole face. Let’s wait and see.

It’s 8.47 pm and the programme is still on and they’ve revealed The Stig as Michael Schumacher, the former Formula 1 racing driver. He now advises for Ferrari and that’s probably why they let him drive a £1,000,000 Ferrari on the track in tonights show. But as for whether he’s the real Stig, will we ever find out?

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