A Great Sign

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Just loved this sign attached to a gate post on a recent walk.

It’s Official – NatWest Staff Are Machines

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I have moaned about NatWest before (and I’m sure it won’t be the last) but my visit today takes the biscuit.

Standing in the queue to meet a real cashier my husband and I were approached by another member of staff to ask if we would like to use the machines in the foyer.  I said no Read more

Feeling Younger

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LifeIt’s so easy these days to get stuck in a rut.  The pressure of just getting by day to day with the usual daily chores be it going to work, doing the school run, housework, whatever it is you do on a regular, mundane basis.

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Letting Go

September 21, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

uni_girlsOn the school run this morning I passed one of the mums who looked like she’d been crying.  Her face was a little puffy and her eyes had the tell tale signs.

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Importance of Friends

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friends1Having friends is a treat.  Having really good friends is a luxury and a privilege.

If you were to stop and count up how many friends you have, how many would it be?

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Wat-er Way To Go

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swimming-poolIf someone asked you to have a bath with loads of strangers that some may have urinated or spat in – would you?

If someone said you can use the toilet but you’ll need to be barefoot when walking through the wet – would you?

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The Temper Trap

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TheTemperTrapConditionsHaven’t stopped playing the tracks today, really taken with the music.  Also pre-ordered the CD today.  Can’t believe how excited I am about going to see them live.  I even phoned my niece in Australia to tell her!

After a lot of laughter, she said I was a dag.  Australian slang for nutter really.

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Psychoville – The Series

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PsychovilleWe’ve seen all the episodes now and what a mixture of laughter and cringiness (is there such a word?).

What was the funniest moment for you throughout the series and which bit made you either cringe or shut your eyes?

Let me know in the comments section and I’ll poll the top moments.

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Stop Laughing

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Earlier this week I was amazed to read a news story regarding local residents calling for the level of noise from a local school to be monitored.  I can’t even remember what part of the country it was in.

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Square Eyes

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tv1Looking at this website it feels as though I’ve been watching too much television? Not really when you think how many hours of tv there is available every day compare to my actual visual viewings.

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