Double Rainbow

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Oh What a Sky

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Lovely Lavender

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Beautiful lavender at Witley Court in Worcestershire.


Swan Song

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swan1I had the pleasure of going for a long walk with a friend yesterday around some lakes that aren’t too far from us.  It was a great day for walking, slightly windy, fresh and not too hot.  Just enough people about to make it not too lonely but not enough to have to fight for space on the path.  Amazingly there were quite a number of fishermen taking advantage too.

It was with a tinge of sadness that while enjoying the walk, we spotted a dead swan in the water.  We both felt that it needed to be reported especially as it was a swan of all birds, a most magnificent water bird.  Not far from the path we had chosen was a number for British Waterways.

I phoned them only to be told that I needed to talk to the RSPCA.  After being given the number and having to listen to ‘many’ options none of which seem to include dead birds, I chose one for ducks.  After having to listen to a pre-recorded message about finding ducks (bearing in mind I was on my mobile phone at the time) I tried again to get an operator.

I was then told that they didn’t deal with dead birds – I needed the council, but they didn’t have the number for the council the area covered!  My friend and I decided there was nothing we could do unless we found another number on any other notices.  We did find a Project Planning Officer number for the lakes and tried one last time to call them only to be told that the RSPCA normally dealt with it.  I asked the person on the end of the phone if she would like to try only to be told that if I couldn’t get anywhere neither would they.

We carried on, had some lunch and went home.  I then tried one last time and phoned the local council who put me through to a Park Ranger.  He was amazed at the number of people I’d been passed on to but at last agreed to take the details and would follow it up.

We wonder these days why the general public have an apathetic view to helping out  and after yesterdays mammoth attempt at trying to report a rather simple problem it’s no wonder.  When did life become so over complicated?

Whether the Weather . .

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clouds1Apparently the Met office has been under fire for not being able to forecast the weather properly.  Is that such a big surprise?

Weather is one of Mother Nature’s main forces and like any woman is unpredictable.  Plus as my grandad used to say, we live on an island surrounded by sea and therefore are open to changes.

We can’t control the weather nor I’d have thought, can we be accurate about the day to day changes.  Sometimes the Met get it right and we congratulate them, sometimes it’s wrong and we berate them.

Unfortunately unlike the good old days other factors have started interfering with nature’s natural way of reading the weather ie at one time seeing ants swarming used to mean a couple of days good weather.

But by now we should all just accept that the seasons are changing and we have to adapt to it and stop worrying about it.

Use the weather forecasts by all means as a guide, but don’t live your life by them.

Do you have any natural ways of reading what the weather will by like (apart from looking out your window) if so, leave a comment.  Thanks.

Nutty the Squirrel

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squirrelSaw this on the BBC tonight about a squirrel called Nutty who has built up a close relationship with Tony, a builder who found him when he was only a week old.

The video is so lovely, a must see if you’re feeling in the mood for the ‘aahhhhh’ factor.  Watch it while you can at the BBC. By the way this picture isn’t of Nutty.

Moorhens v Ducks

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duckAbout a month ago, on a walk along a canal I came across a family of moorhens – mom, dad and four babies. Knowing that it was ‘baby’ season I’d taken along some food. What struck me more than anything was the parents desire to ensure that each of the babies had a portion of the food. This was despite one of the smaller ones taking a little bit longer to catch up with mom and dad.

Further along the canal, I came across a family of ducks. Now whether or not their babies were just that little bit older, but mom and dad chomped away on the food and left the babies to ‘get what they could’. It amazed me to see the difference in ‘family life’ which I couldn’t help but compare with human life. When you have a family some nurture more than others, or as it may have been one family’s brood was that bit older.