Come Dine With Me

September 18, 2009 by  

Food-&-Drink1Here’s one of those programmes that you could easily miss but also one that you can’t quite help getting hooked on – Come Dine With Me.

A simple idea.  Bring 4 or 5 strangers together over the course of  a week and ask each one to take it in turns to host a dinner party.

It makes interesting viewing if you like watching how people act in these circumstances, how much they think of themselves and how much they perceive themselves to be the next Jamie Oliver.

It is of course  quite useful for looking at different recipes and the menus they put together.  And, being brought up the proper way, it amazes me how many people don’t take a token bottle of wine or flowers along for the host.

They score each other for the food and hosting and the winner at the end of the week wins £1,000.  There is a celebrity take on too it where the winner wins the £1,000 for charity.  One of the best I saw was Lesley Joseph dishing up raw lamb!  At least she had a good laugh about it.

What I do love about the programme is the narrator.  A bit like Harry Hill on You’ve Been Framed, the narrator is a tad sarcastic with his comments.  Not rude, but says the things that as a viewer you’re probably thinking anyway.

I’ve always wondered who it is and never really bothered to find out, but today I found an article on him and the programme which you can read here.  His name is Dave Lamb and he’s an actor.

You’ve got to be fairly confident to be on these shows with thick skin or completely naive.  At the end of the day the entertainment factor comes out of how they piece the programme together.  Like any show it’s never going to come over in the context of how it happens but it does make for pretty good viewing.

And if you really are interested in the food, Channel 4 have brought out a cookery book based on the programme.  Click on the picture for more details.



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