David Letterman – Sorry Isn’t Enough

October 6, 2009 by  

DavidLettermanOkay, so David Letterman may be an American icon on the chat show circuit, but does that really excuse him for his recently exposed off screen behaviour?

People in the public life should have privacy in their private life and to a degree it’s no one else’s business what they do when the camera’s stop rolling as long as it is within the law.

However in this case, he seems to have taken some delight in being exposed as an adulterer.  Maybe he’s having or had a mid life crisis and wants people to know that he’s still got it.

I’ve always believed that apologising for a wrong doing goes some way towards making amends.Take the recent politicians lying about their expenses.  Those that apologised and admitted they shouldn’t have claimed for some of the outrageous things, albeit a little too late, softened the scandal a little for those individuals.  But I have to wonder now if apologising is the new ‘lie cover up’.

Do it and apologise later.  This may be okay where genuine mistakes are made but not when it’s been done with little or no thought for the consequences and knowingly.

I’ve read the article on David Letterman with some incredulity.  Here is a man who has been in a relationship with his partner since 1986 and only married in March.  They also have a six-year-old son.

Here is an extract from the BBC news.

Monday’s Late Show was the first since he shocked his audience by revealing relationships with staff members and saying he had been the victim of a blackmail threat.

Letterman, who was greeted with applause from the audience, said “a guy” had threatened to expose his relationships with staff unless a payment of $2m (£1.2m) was made.

The 62-year-old host addressed the issue with a mix of comedy and seriousness. He joked: “I got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn’t speaking to me. Ouch.”

He seems to think that by apologising on TV makes it all the better.  Incredibly people are responding that it shows he is only human!

I’m sorry but have people lost the plot here.  The man appears to be a serial womaniser, sleeping with women and then going home to presumably sleep with his wife.  This isn’t a case of slipping up and having ‘an’ affair.

No one knows what goes on behind any marriage doors, but the fact that they got married surely means that they have some spark.

The poor woman not only has to endure finding out that her husband has been having a number of affairs, via the chance of him being blackmailed but also having the whole world know about it.

For a  country that is so moral in it’s family values and thinking – should they not think about whether he should stay in such a high profile position?  What message is he putting out and what about his poor son in all of this?

Maybe to embarass him they should get all the female staff he’s slept with him to rate him out of ten.


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