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September 29, 2009 by  

LifeIt’s so easy these days to get stuck in a rut.  The pressure of just getting by day to day with the usual daily chores be it going to work, doing the school run, housework, whatever it is you do on a regular, mundane basis.

It’s also easy to forget that, as the old saying goes, “life is not a rehearsal”.

In a previous post I mentioned that you need to make an effort with friends but I think that can be applied to any area of your life where you want it to be better.

I have a pile of ironing that could be climbed by the best mountaineers and it would take them the day to reach the summit.  It’s a thankless job that never really finishes.  But if it’s not done no one has any clothes to wear (or they do but they’re very creased!).

Housework when you have children is like “shovelling snow when it’s still snowing”.  I have to accept the fact that it’s never going to be perfect but without some effort it would just get worse.

I like it when friends say my house looks ‘lived in’ and ‘comfortable’ it makes me feel better.  I know my friends don’t care what my house looks like after all they’ve come to see me, but I’m sure secretly they still want to know that the cups are clean and they’re not going to find mashed potato down the side of the settee.

So what’s my point to this rambling.

If you don’t lift your head above all these things and take stock, life just passes by.  I’m not one for going out on a regular basis – mainly choice along with getting to a certain age when evenings are for sleeping!

However, last night we stepped out and went to a ‘gig’, ‘concert’, call it what you will.  We went to see The Temper Trap in Birmingham and without doubt had one of the best nights out we’ve had for a long time.  More details and piccies in the music section but what a fantastic group.  Although my husband and I were in the ” higher age range” bracket we didn’t feel at all uncomfortable and when the music started felt about 20 years younger.

For that alone I thank them, but more so for sounding even better than their CD which can’t be said for many groups these days.

But it was all the people we came into contact with as well.  Carlo from Birmingham Promoters, the company who organised last night’s event took time out to say hello and highlight other bands we might like to see coming to Birmingham next month.  He also asked us what we’d thought at the end of the night too.  Great customer service Carlo.

We enjoyed it so much we’ve already started looking at the recommended bands for another night out.


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