How Not To Live Your Life

October 14, 2009 by  

hownottoliveyourlifeHere’s an example of  ‘not judging the book by it’s cover’.  I’ve only just found this comedy because I really thought it was a reality tv type documentary.  How very wrong!

This is a very funny programme centred on a handful of characters mainly Don Danbury whose quick-fire fantasy sequences play out a variety of options each one being really outlandish and very funny.  A bit like Coupling does (also a brilliant comedy).

There’s also Mrs Treacher, the miserable old neighbour who adds some great lines and Eddie (his nan’s old carer) who looks after Mrs Treacher, normally round at Don’s house so he can look after Don too.

He’s got a new and attractive new lodger,  Samantha, who he fancies but is playing it cool with,  even though he has unrequitted love for Abby, the love of his life who left to travel.

Although Samantha is an ex-model, intelligent and caring she always seems to choose the wrong men and throughout the series Samantha and Don both embark on some seriously bad dates. As they begin to spend more time together, could it be that perfect match is closer to home than they thought?  It could be a Ross and Rachel scenario from Friends and just adds to the mix.

The characters in this series are brilliant and the actors who play them are fantastic.  The chemistry between them is obvious and Samantha seems to genuinely laugh not ‘laugh acting’ when the scenes call for it.

Dan Clark is Don Danbury and the writer of the series.
David Armand is Eddie Singh
Leila Hoffman is Mrs Treacher
Laura Haddock is  Samantha

Catch it while you can, it’s a cult series.


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