Importance of Friends

August 13, 2009 by  

friends1Having friends is a treat.  Having really good friends is a luxury and a privilege.

If you were to stop and count up how many friends you have, how many would it be?

Of them how many would be your really close, tell all friends.

A friend, as the definition says, is generally someone we like, have affection for and would be loyal to. Maybe it’s someone we have known for a long time, a childhood friend, someone you have met in similar circumstances, or it can be people at work that we click with. And every friend has a value to you (hopefully).

Sometimes it’s too easy to let people slide out of your life, friendship takes effort.

I count myself extremely privileged because I have two friends that I just couldn’t be without.  They are my saviours and are there to share ups and downs with and we make an effort to catch up at least once a month face to face.

That’s not counting any emails, texts or phone conversations. Having met up this week, we realised that we hadn’t seen each other for a meal as a threesome  since April which surprised us.  This immediately brought the response, this is not to happen again and in our case it now won’t.

With other friends, life simply seems to get in the way ie the daily chores, our own agendas.  This struck my husband and I last night when we were out driving.  We were very near to some friends new house (they’ve been in it 2 years!) and I’d not seen it.

My husband pulled up outside to show me and one of our friends was on the drive.  He immediately walked over and invited us in for a coffee.  We vowed to stay 10 minutes (as we’d just caught them coming back from shopping) and nearly two hours later after catching up on the last year (which is when we had seen them previously) we went off with a further invite to come back with the children.

A simple bit of luck catching them outside the house, but if we hadn’t made the effort to drive past in the first place, we wouldn’t have had an enjoyable 2 hours catching up.

It’s not to say we will be seeing them on a regular basis,  after all we do lead different lives, but the most important thing is we’ve reconnected.

The moral:  If you value your friendships, take time out to make the effort.


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