It’s Official – NatWest Staff Are Machines

September 28, 2010 by  

I have moaned about NatWest before (and I’m sure it won’t be the last) but my visit today takes the biscuit.

Standing in the queue to meet a real cashier my husband and I were approached by another member of staff to ask if we would like to use the machines in the foyer.  I said no thank you I would rather wait to be served by (as I pointed towards them) one of these cashiers.

She turned to me and said there are two cashiers over there and I kid you not she pointed at the cash machines in the foyer.

Surprisingly, and this is only to Nat West Management, NO ONE  in the queue wanted to be served by the metal cashiers.  Please Nat West start listening to your customers and put more ‘real people’ on the tills.  That’s what customers want.

I turned to one of the members of staff who I’ve moaned at before (in a nice way and she agrees with me) and told her how insulting it was for staff to be told that the machines were cashiers.  She laughed and agreed.


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