James May on The Moon

June 21, 2009 by  

jamesmay1If I wasn’t already a fan of James May then I certainly would have been after watching this programme. Usually flicking the channels for something mindless to watch to wile away the boredom of ironing, I had seen the clip on the BBC website and was intrigued.

Only,  I ended up watching the whole programme, found it extremely interesting and understandable with the way James puts information across. The ironing forgotten I settled back and was hooked from the moment the programme started.

Having the chance to fly 70,000 feet into the air and along with the pilot be the second highest people in the world must be staggering. The views of the Earth were breathtaking, you could see the curve of the earth with the blue below and the black above being space. In the time I watched the show,  I wished I had the chance to experience the same thing.

The amazing thing is 70,000 feet is the point which you are classed as being in space. This incredibly is only 13 miles, granted it’s upwards, but think about your next car journey and it really isn’t that far.

He made it so real, so down to earth and not in the least bit showy. Coupled with the interviews with 3 of only 12 people who have been on the moon was the icing on the cake.

Apart from being the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon, this programme went a long way in promoting space travel and the work undertaken at NASA.

James May you’re the man. (Plus he beat Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in Top Gear tonight in a fab race to Edinburgh – always good.)


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