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joyaston1Joy Aston, if you haven’t already heard about her is the ‘nightmare’ midwife from the cult series Psychoville.  Joy has become a bit of phenomena since the series started.

Joy believes in being truthful to parents about what actually happens during childbirth.  She doesn’t wrap it up in tissue paper and is definitely not all sweetness and light.

In one episode she tells the fathers to be that the reason for having a fishing net on hand for pool births is because it’s not just the baby that can get squeezed out.  If you’ve given birth you know what that refers to!

She doesn’t say there may be some pain,  Joy tells the parents to be that there WILL be pain and lots of it.  Can you imagine in real life a midwife turning round and saying

“Imagine catching your hand in a door that’s been slammed really hard, well times it by ten and that’s getting closer to the pain you’ll feel giving birth.”

Joy didn’t say these actual words but it’s the sort of thing she would refert to if dealing with fools  She also doesn’t like ‘modern’ trendy mums to be.

We don’t yet know the full background to Joy apart from the fact she is married to George and has a ‘baby’ called Freddie.  This baby however is a doll, the type used by the midwives to show prospective new parents how to care for a baby.

She feeds Freddie, changes his nappy, has babysitters in if she has to go out and ‘feeds’ him both breast and bottle milk.  To all intents and purposes to Joy, Freddie is real.

It appears from flashbacks that when she was ill and  in the ‘hospital’ she had baby Freddie with her then.

Last week it appeared that baby Freddie had come to life calling her from the cot and what transpired was Freddie actually causing Joy to fall down the stairs. But was it really Freddie.

Fed up of his wife’s delusions, George employed the help of Joy’s friend to make it look like Freddie had come alive.  The episode finished with Joy having what appears to be a heart attack and fearing her dead.

However right at the end of the programme, she opened her eyes after hearing George cavorting with her friend and her friend taking the mickey out of Freddie.

What a cliffhanger!  Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

Big credit to Dawn French, she is superb in this role.

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