Letting Go

September 21, 2009 by  

uni_girlsOn the school run this morning I passed one of the mums who looked like she’d been crying.  Her face was a little puffy and her eyes had the tell tale signs.

As I don’t know her personally, only on a ‘hello’ basis I didn’t feel like I could ask if she was okay.

It was during the pick up later that I ended up being part of the conversation where she spoke about her daughter leaving home at the weekend to go to Leeds University.  It all made sense.

For many parents around the country this weekend, it was the next phase in the development of their children.  This is probably the most dreaded (in most cases) point in a parents life – when the children leave the nest albeit to University.

It’s a big wrench and and an organisation nightmare in terms of making sure they have everything they need including food to last them a good month or so.

The build up can be exciting, but at the point of taking the children, setting them up and leaving them on their own  for the parents to go back home alone can be a huge anti climax.

If anything those parents should feel proud.  They’ve helped their children to get to a point where they have been accepted by a further education institution and are obviously ready for this next phase themselves.

So to all the parents who have experienced the emotional trauma this weekend, well done and good luck.



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  1. My daughter leaves in october to go to Warwick University. I am dreading it. Can’t believe how quickly it has all gone too
    Another good reason to enjoy them while they are young

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