Milton Jones – A Very Funny Man

October 1, 2009 by  

MiltonJonesOkay, so it’s not the most inspiring of titles, but the two facts it states are right. Milton Jones (the comedian) is a very funny man.

How do I know?  Well apart from seeing him on Mock The Week recently and laughing out loud at his input, I had the pleasure of  seeing  him live on stage last night with my husband and eldest son.

Therein lies another fact.  He is suitable for young teenagers to watch as his jokes are clean and he doesn’t swear!  Proving that you don’t have to be crude and lewd to make people laugh.

It was a great evening and such hard work sitting having someone make you laugh the whole time!

Milton was in Bromsgrove last night, his 4th gig on what looks like a mammoth tour.  It’s a small theatre, very cosy and well worth the visit.  However, we had front row seats which are much lower than the stage, so unless you really do like looking up some one’s nose, it’s best to move back a little.

Milton’s Grandad came on first and was very funny, followed by a comedian called Paul from Cornwall (sorry can’t remember his last name) who was funny too.

After the break Milton himself came on stage and produced a really laughy show.  He had a few strange hecklers in the audience that he handled well and it all added to the evening.

Well worth seeing again (and Paul).  He’s also not quite as mad as he looks in this picture and better looking.  Check out a bit of Milton below.

And this is his theme tune:


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