Moorhens v Ducks

June 11, 2009 by  

duckAbout a month ago, on a walk along a canal I came across a family of moorhens – mom, dad and four babies. Knowing that it was ‘baby’ season I’d taken along some food. What struck me more than anything was the parents desire to ensure that each of the babies had a portion of the food. This was despite one of the smaller ones taking a little bit longer to catch up with mom and dad.

Further along the canal, I came across a family of ducks. Now whether or not their babies were just that little bit older, but mom and dad chomped away on the food and left the babies to ‘get what they could’. It amazed me to see the difference in ‘family life’ which I couldn’t help but compare with human life. When you have a family some nurture more than others, or as it may have been one family’s brood was that bit older.


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