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nolans1Firstly, I apologise for moving Take That (my heroes) to second place with a story about the Nolans but the story surrounding their come back tour had me intrigued . . . . . or maybe that’s what they wanted to happen!

If you haven’t heard yet, the Nolans are getting back together for a reunion tour this year. They shot to fame in the 1970′s and their most remembered single was probably “I’m in The Mood For Dancing”.

In their heyday, the main line up in the family were Anne, Maureen, Colleen, Linda and Bernie, but the new line up for the tour in October and November has been put together without Anne.

Where Have They Been?

Bernie left the Nolans in 1996 to pursue a solo career and has been quietly successful. Appearing in Brookside, The Bill, West End plays The Blood Brothers and Mums The Word. She has also appeared numerous times in pantomimes and recorded solo albums.

Since Maureen left the Nolans she has also appeared in the West End starring in Blood Brothers, Mums The Word, Footloose and Girls Behind along with many pantomime appearances.

Linda has appeared in many TV shows as herself from Never Mind The Buzzcocks to Dancing on Ice and Loose Women. She has also been in the 2004 film Breaking and Entering and on stage in Blood Brothers.

Anne wrote the poignant book Anne’s Song.

colleennolanColeen is probably the best known of the Nolans (although has the worst web site). Appearing on Dancing on Ice, Loose Women. Among many television appearances she also has a column in Woman magazine and the Daily Mail.

She has also written a book called Upfront and Personal which reached no 1 in the bestsellers list with good reviews.

What’s Up Then?

This family feud could be the backdrop for a Dallas setting if the stories you read are to be believed. It seems to be very much a “he said, she said” situation and only the family will know the real truth for not letting their sister join the act.

Anne’s side of the story has been documented in an interview by Jenny Johnston in the Mail Online and the full story can be read here. But here’s a taster from the article.

“It was my sister Maureen who rang,’ she reveals. ‘She said: “I don’t know if anyone’s told you, but The Nolans are going back on the road.” My immediate reaction was “Are we? Wow! Fantastic!” ‘

There was little time to punch the air, though.

‘Then she said: “Yeah. Me, Bernie, Linda, Coleen.” I said: “What about me?” and there was a pause. Then the penny dropped.’”

Reading Jenny’s article it’s clear to see that a lot has happened within the Nolan clan throughout the years and at first look it seems as though Anne has come off the worst. One of the biggest bones of contention, it seems, is a book that Anne wrote documenting alleged abuse from her father.

annenolanThe reviews of the book ‘Anne’s Song‘ has been described as “heartbreaking” and “sad”. (Click on the picture to see the full reviews.) It would also appear that the family would rather the inner workings of the family remain secret. After all who wants their dirty washing seen in public.

However, there must be more to it than that. What I found interesting about the article Jenny wrote is that despite Anne’s feelings of her sister Colleen and her husband Ray, at some point during Anne’s life when things were spiralling downwards, it appears that Colleen did throw her a financial life line. It may only have been cleaning and childminding but at least it was something.

But back to the point of the tour. Let’s be honest, would you spend your hard earned cash on a ticket to see the Nolans? Did you secretly grab your hair brush and dance around in front of the mirror singing their songs? Personally I wouldn’t. However, I say good on you for giving it a go and let’s hope being on tour is worth the family sacrifice.

Here’s a dare for you. When you’re in the office tomorrow, grab 4 friends (let’s include Anne in our virtual group) and belt out I’m in The Mood For Dancing. Let me know the result – record it if you can.


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