Personal Affairs Episode 2

June 25, 2009 by  

personal-affairsWell I duly watched most of this episode and yet again my conclusions came to the same as before. Too much storyline within the episode, too little acting and too much panning to buildings in between shots.  Not at all sexy.

We had £23 million pounds transferred out of the company, the computers were crashed on purpose and miraculously they got the computer working quickly enough to reverse the transfer within half an hour.  Amazing.  Very like real life.  And they all kept their jobs.

We had a spotty youth pretending to be (because  it wasn’t acting believe me) a high flying, rich playboy who ‘wanted’ one of the PA’s.  And she pouted back “well if you can prove you’re a man and not a little boy” or something drivelly like that.  Who cares quite frankly.

Then, oh no is Grace in to drugs and is the man behind it, the same man who one of the other PA’s was involved in and had a child by.

Oh yes and what about the pouty PA who has been naughty in a lift with a man who turns out to be the husband of another PA.  And he’s sent texts to his wife’s phone, thinking it’s to the PA he was naughty in a lift with.

Got all that.

It’s just unbelievable and if I’ve got any part of this episode wrong, I don’t really care.  It’s truly not worth worrying about.  Will I watch the next episode . . . . . . we’ll see.


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