Personal Affairs Episode 3

July 4, 2009 by  

personal-affairsOkay, I had to watch it.  Admittedly only with one eye on the tv while carrying out other chores.   It just seems to get more far fetched each time.

Maybe as it only has a few episodes they decided to cram as much story line in to it as possible.

But this week the PA’s visited a ‘gentleman’s club’ (although it wouldn’t be my idea of a gentleman who frequented these places) and promptly stood out like sore thumbs.

We had the dark haired one (called Doris by the American boss) rolling her eyes all the time trying to act all demure and shy . . . not.  We had blondie saying how wonderful her life was especially her husband (who we all know did the dirty with her friend).

We had ‘wannabe actress’ doing a video for Big Brother . . . just including Big Brother in a story line says it all.   And of course ‘Pouty’ getting it wrong with the men and having weird little on line moments with someone she doesn’t know and apparently choosing money over a nice bloke.

To quote from Windsor Davies from the old tv show  ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mom’.

“Oh Dear, Oh Sad, Never Mind”.


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