Personal Affairs Episode 4

July 9, 2009 by  

personal-affairsWell at least the storyline is slowing down a bit. This week we had ‘wannabe actress’ visiting her daughter and singing in front of a record producer who thinks she can go to America.

Miss Pouty meeting her father who apparently left her and her mother years ago.

Blondie is splitting up from her husband vowing to get the woman he’s been having an affair with, but she doesn’t yet know it’s Miss Pouty.

Doris is now falling in love with the American boss after losing her virginity to Simon who ‘wannabe’ thinks is her ex who has abducted Grace.

And ‘the not jewish boy’ who they tried to frame in the earlier episodes is back with a gun threatening everyone and wanting American boss.

Got it?  Good.  The Woodentops still beat them in the acting stakes though,  especially Spotty Dog.


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