Personal Affairs Episode 5 – The Finale

July 16, 2009 by  

personal-affairsWell thank goodness it’s finished.

It opens with the ‘ not jewish boy’ who they tried to frame in the earlier episodes back with a gun threatening everyone and wanting the American boss.

After lots of weeping and trying to find American Boss, who for some strange reason is stretched out under one of the tables, they are rescued.

The gunman is foiled by Grace (who suddenly comes back without an explanation) and sees what’s happening through the window and raises the alarm with security.

Grace who is in love with one of the female bosses turns out to be Adam Hartman – what!!!  Yes I know it’s possible in real life but give me strength.  So you can imagine how ‘wannabe actress’ feels knowing that Grace is the ‘father’ of her child from a one night office fling 9 years ago.  This was just before Grace decided he/she could not longer live as a man.

Are you still following this?  It is a bit hard to swallow.  Simon one of the bosses turns out to be Adams best friend and knew all along.  Simon who is married to Adam’s sister is furious and walks out.

And Grace and the female boss get overheard by a mic being turned on just near to where they are standing, so every knows they were having an affair.

Oh what a tangled load of drivel.  But like I said before it did have a modicum of entertainment.  For me it was deciding who could really act.


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