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personal-affairsI have just sat and watched the biggest load of drivel on television. You may ask why? Well I was waiting for this corny, wooden show to get better . . . and yes I was still waiting until the end.

I watched it on the BBC iPlayer out of curiousity. It was advertised on the front news page and as it’s the type of programme you don’t have to think too hard about when you want to unwind at the end of the day – I watched it.

From the PA’s (two were decent actors, Laura Aikman being one of them), to the unbelievable Bosses, to the new temp who was obviously struggling with what her character was supposed to be portraying at the beginning, to the story lines that were all intertwined, but not in a clever way – I didn’t think it was that good (mmm, may have made that point already).

The write up sounded interesting too. I quote (from the BBC Press Office):

“We were PAs in the same office… that’s how we met… it was simple and fun and boring but that’s real life isn’t it? And then something terrible happened… things can never be the same again.”

Set against an emotional backdrop of friendship, ambition, sex and filing, Personal Affairs, starting on Tuesday 16 June 2009 at 9.00pm, is a fun new offbeat five-part drama for BBC Three following the fortunes of four fabulous personal assistants in the City.

It was just so predictable and cheesy and I truly wonder if the writer Gabbie Asher is pleased with the end result. This is a quote from the same BBC Press Office, where you can read the full details.

Personal Affairs creator Gabbie Asher, a former PA turned scriptwriter, says: “For me, Personal Affairs truly captures the unique experience of working in an office with a group of girls – the fun, the friendship, the bickering, the hopes and dreams, the tears and the personal dilemmas that arise every day.

“Friendship is at the heart of this drama as the girls help one another navigate through a myriad of life choices, with varying success!

I think the story idea is a good one, and there are probably offices truly like this but whether Brits can pull off a series with this material compared to say Sex and The City, I’m not so sure. I may give it another chance when part two comes around next week, because there is an entertainment value, even if it’s only to bitch about it.



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  1. nicky says:

    Personal affairs is not the type of programme i would usually watch but im addicted! who cares if it reflects real life or not? its exciting, funny and contains some brilliant characters. grace being adam hartmann was the last thing i expected! well done Gabbie!

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