Pink Champagne and Apple Juice by Anne Brooke

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PinkChampagneAnneBrookeI read this book a little while ago and I knew then I was going to love this book even before reading it.

My measure of a good read is how fast I get through it.  By that, if I’ve read it within a few days, it was because I couldn’t put it down.  Well, I’d read this book cover to cover in two days!  And I’ve re-read it since.

So why was it so good?  It has a brilliant mixture of humour, characters and a very different storyline. I was able to visualise all the characters, even down to how the buildings would look.

The storyline is essentially about Angie who flees from her very loving home to make her mark in the world.  She looks up her Uncle John who she hasn’t seen for many years and turns up unannounced.

Maybe Angie should have had some hints that all would not be as it seems, when she asks for directions and is met with ‘you want where?’.  Her first meeting with Uncle John is a memorable one and the story of why Uncle John has not been around for years unfolds with interesting reasons.

Mix this in with some suberb characters who either know or work for Uncle John and the entangled love interests that unfold within the story.

This book would make a fantastic Brit Film.  I thought it then and I still think it now.  Simon Pegg  and Nick Frost would be brilliant at turning this into a film and it’s a genre they haven’t yet covered.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Other people who have read this book have this to say:

“Splendidly raunchy and funny without being superficial,Pink Champagne & Apple Juice is full of wonderful larger then life characters that get up to things that are beyond your wildest fantasies!”

“The story is as sparkling as its title. I was gripped from the first page and had to know what the history was behind the mysterious Uncle John.”

Check out Anne’s own website for more details –


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