Psychoville – Episode 5

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PsychovilleThe writing in this series is so clever.  Some of the episodes are a little bit scary and last night was no exception.

Still thinking David has committed a real murder, his mother is encouraging him to dispose of all the ‘witnesses’ who are in fact the other actors from the murder mystery where David did his ‘bad murder’.

By this he means that it didn’t go well not that he actually killed someone.

Last night’s episode took Maureen and David to a wax works museum where they were attempting to be rid of another cast member in the ‘serial killers’ section of the museum.  Very disturbing, but when the cast member in question turns up, he is actually full of praise for David finding such an excellent venue.  Does he get killed?

Meanwhile, Joy Aston returns home from a night out with her husband.  Her nurse friend from work is seen babysitting ‘Freddie’.

While her husband takes the babysitter home, Joy starts hearing Freddie calling her over the baby monitor.  A series of events follows with Joy falling down the stairs and ultimately having a heart attack – or has she?

This is not my usual kind of viewing, but while it has a very dark storyline the comedy aspects in it are brilliant.  For example, Mr Jolly (the clown who is trying to take over Mr Jelly’s career) having his clown car repaired at the road side in the background while a conversation is being held between the two clowns.

An unusual, slightly disturbing comedy, but intriguing and still makes you want to see what happened next.

NB – go to the homepage, bottom right hand side and vote if you think there should be a second series.

Psychoville – The Characters


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