Psychoville Episode 6

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Psychoville – the penultimate episode has almost brought the characters together at Ravenshill Hospital.

Joy has kidnapped Nicola (who conspired with her husband last week to scare her) taken her to Ravenshill and is using her to give Freddie a blood transfusion.

Joy lost baby Paul some years ago and was sent to the hospital where they gave her baby Freddie to help her.

David’s mother finally finds out that David never actually committed a murder after talking to Lorraine who was to be her next victim.

She goes home and tries to murder David after taking an overdose of pills, but discovers that David has put a dummy in his bed. In actual fact David is on his way to Ravenshill.

Mr Jolly is murdered and the killer tries to frame Mr Jelly, who actually has an alibi after being at an old people’s home doing his act.

Robert the dwarf finds out that he doesn’t have the telekinetic powers, it’s his friend Kelly who has the powers. She has always let him believe he had them but in actual fact did it to protect him.  This comes out after Robert lies to Debbie and tells her that they’re engaged after going out together for 2 years and he refuses to tell the truth when Kelly confronts him and Debbie.

Tea Leaf manages to escape from the twins with the money and is also drawn to Ravenshill where Snappy the Crocodile is waiting for him but he ends up locked in a room.  He phones Oscar Lomax to let him know where he is.

The finale is approaching next week, but boo to the BBC for saying that you could see the last episode straight after tonights – after pressing the red button as informed, nothing happened.  Now got to wait a whole week to find out all the answers.

NB – go to the homepage, bottom right hand side and vote if you think there should be a second series.

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