Psychoville – The Finale

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PsychovillePsychoville – The Finale.

Not sure if it ended how I was expecting and therefore not sure if I’m satisfied.   That said, it still had good twists and turns,  great humour, suberb acting (David singing is a highlight) and ends with a potential new story.

Apart from Robert, Kerry and David everyone else arrives at Ravenhill Hospital.  This includes the elderly lady handcuffed to Mr Jelly and Oscar’s new helper.

Oscar’s new helper who was wearing red ends up being mistaken by Joy as little Freddie all grown up!  David tries to confess his murders at (I think) the Citizens Advice Bureau which is really funny.

We also see Mr Jelly in a cringeworthy moment in the public toilets.

Oscar who arrives to help Tea Leaf throws Snappy the Crocodile over the cliff.  Apparently it’s his therapy.  Once he throws it away, he knows it will turn up somewhere again and the whole ritual of trying to buy it will start again.

We get a flashback of the inmates of Ravenhill being asked to practice a song and David gets tasered by Edwina Kenchington, the matron.  After several tasers, David loses it and pushes her backwards.  Thinking she’s dead the inmates douse the room and set it on fire.

David is seen at Edwina’s grave saying sorry when he hears her voice calling out to him.  He digs down to her coffin to reveal she is not in it, she is actually alive and standing behind him.  She gets upset when she can’t find something she’s looking for and she shoots David who is saved because he’s holding a water melon.

Her son, who turns out to be Mr Jolly, the one who has taken over Mr Jelly’s customers, is the one who has lured them all to Ravenhill.  He is about to unleash his revenge when his mother turns up.  She wasn’t dead after all.  He’s taken aback because of his mother turning the events around when she starts asking who has her locket.  Mr Jolly then undoes his coat to reveal he has a bomb strapped to him and the timer showing 8 seconds.

Meanwhile as this story has unfolded, Robert and Kerry are stranded in the woods as her car runs out of petrol.  They leave the car and spot a cottage with smoke coming from the house and the lights on.  They enter the house and Robert starts to eat some soup that has been left on the table while Kerry phones for help from this seemingly empty house.

As Robert sips the soup he notices the phone line is not connected and asks Kerry who she is talking to.  At this point she shouts out that she needs help from her Grandma, who is a witch and obviously lives in the cottage.

Robert then passes out from drinking the soup which has been drugged.  We are left with Robert lying on the table with Kerry cutting away his shirt to reveal the locket!

Who is Kerry, who is her Grandma and what fate is in store for Robert?  We’ll obviously and hopefully have to wait for the second series.

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2 Responses to “Psychoville – The Finale”
  1. Matt says:


    I hope BBC2 has the sense to commission series 2.  I cannot beleive it has ended in such a way – so, erm, un-ended!

    One of the finniest, most distrubing and dramatic things I have seen on the box for years… it’s the psycho version of “who shot JR”! 

    Well done to the lads for creating something so brilliant and let’s start the letter writing now to BBC2 to keep this alive!!!!!!!!


  2. Admin says:

    I have to agree, the writing was superb.  Never watched League of Gentlemen, didn’t like the scary looking characters and therefore never appreciated the writing or acting talents of Steve and Reece.

    It wasn’t until I saw the first episode on BBC IPlayer and then the interview with both of them which showed them as they really are that I carried on watching.

    And what a brilliant cast! 

    Loved the part where David tried to confess last night.  It made you want to shout at the telly – genius writing.  That bit alone deserves an award.

    How are they going to top it now?

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