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PsychovillePsychoville – a chilling comedy from BBC 2.  I stumbled upon Psychoville by accident and was intrigued by this BBC show.

Written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, League of Gentlemen fame.

This is the kind of show that makes me want to peek through my fingers while watching and at the same time laugh out loud at the comedy side.

The gist:  Five characters across the UK receive a mysterious letter stating ‘I know what you did’

Seemingly unrelated these five individuals which include: A blind recluse with an unusual hobby, a telekinetic dwarf, an embittered clown, a murder-obsessed man-child, and a deranged but caring midwife all receive the same ominous message sending their already bizarre lives into turmoil.

All are affected in different ways by the letters and as more chilling messages are received the five are forced to confront their past and the secret that binds them together. But what is the link?

The Characters

Maureen Sowerbutts played by Reece Shearsmith

Mother to David Sowerbutts and lives in a flat with him in Wood Green. She encourages him learning all there is to know about serial killers, by reading regular stories to him.  David supposedly killed his father when he was a child by putting 39 sleeping tablets in his Smash.  He thought he was helping him, but did he really kill him?

Maureen also got the wrong end of the story when David came home and told his mom ‘he’d done a bad murder’, he meant the way the Murder Mystery went awry, Maureen thinks he’s actually killed someone.

Cringe moment:  Chewing up David’s sausages for him and then David eating it.

David Sowerbutts played by Steve Pemberton.

Unemployed, simple and a serial killer enthusiast.  David has an  extensive knowledge of serial killers. He helped out at Murder Mysteries but took his part a little bit too far.

Cringe moment:  Smearing a message in faeces over the wall at the Murder Mystery event

Mr Jelly a Children’s Entertainer played by Reece Shearsmith.

Mr Jelly is a scary children’s entertainer who’s clown make- up in itself is scary enough. Episode 3 gives you the background to why he ended up the way he is today and you can’t help but feel sorry for him.

Cringe moment:  Turning up at a children’s party with all his different hooks and scaring the children.

Robert Greenspan, a Pantomime Dwarf, played by Jason Tompkins

Robert plays Bashful in the Biggins Panto production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He’s in love with Debbie, (played by Daisy Haggard) who plays Snow White.  He has a special power – telekinesis which comes out particularly when he’s angry or upset.  Debbie is mean to him and pretends to be interested in him just to make him a laughing stock.  His friend Kerry always tries to look out for  him, but he doesn’t seem to notice her, he’s infatuated by Debbie.

Cringe moment:  Being set up by Debbie to ‘get naked’ with all the cast watching.

Oscar Lomax, a Collector of first edition beanie toys, played by Steve Pemberton

A blind man with a curious collection, Oscar Lomax lives alone in an enormous, empty house and  is visted by Michael who reads to him.  He sometimes appears out of the blue right behind Michael.  Episode 2 reveals why he is blind.

Cringe moment:  Knowing the price he paid for a rare Beanie.

Joy Aston, a Midwife, played by Dawn French

Joy lives with her long-suffering hubby George and her ‘child’ Freddie, who is actually a doll.  She’s a midwife who tells it as it is, no frills.  She informs the parents to be just how painful childbirth is and takes the romantic vision of water births to reality, revealing to dad’s why they need a fishing net while their partners give birth.  A scary woman who is very caring to Freddie.  Brilliantly played by Dawn French.

Cringe moments:  The way she talks about Freddie.

NB – go to the homepage, bottom right hand side and vote if you think there should be a second series.


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