Sanctuary by Nora Roberts

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SanctuaryNoraRobertsPhotographer Jo Hathaway has carved out a good career for herself away from Sanctuary her old home.  She’d spent many lonely years there after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of her mother.

Someone has suddenly started to send her strange pictures with the most shocking one being a picture of her mother – dead.

She decides to return to Sanctuary to face her past.  While the visit stirs up old family problems, she realises that Sanctuary may not be the safest place to be after all, especially when she starts receiving photographs there too.

This book has a good story line.  If you have read Nora Roberts before they do tend to follow a pattern.  Mixed up girl or boy, meets up with another mixed up boy or girl who don’t feel they should get together.

Events usually conspire to bring them together and we then have the romance blooming through with the usual ending up in bed scenes.

If you can live with this then you will love Nora Roberts.  At least something good usually comes out of her stories, some of them really gritty.

This was a good ‘who is it’ although I had guessed the culprit early on in the book.  Personally I like Nora, her books are great to escape into at the end of the day and this was no exception.

Other fans have this to say:

“This was the first Nora Roberts book I ever read.. and it sent me straight out looking for more. It is an excellent story, cleverly written with loads of suspense making you eager to turn the pages, while at the same time hoping never to reach the end of the book. Best of all for me, you don’t find out who the ‘baddie’ is until the last few pages of the book. Let’s have more like this please!”

“Nora Roberts is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As usual with her books, I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what happens next. If you’ve never read a Nora Roberts before then now is the time to start, easy to read, plenty of suspicion and a good mix of different and likeable characters, and a bit of romance, what more do you need.”

“This book is a classic Roberts. Jo and Nathan are fascinating characters who have their own demons to deal with, as once again people are being murdered – like Jo’s mother – on the island of Sanctuary where Jo and her sister and brother grew up. The entwining of Jo’s and Nathan’s lives only adds to the suspense as does the fact that Jo is the killer’s prime target!”


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