Slanket – (Blanket With Sleeves)

June 25, 2009 by  

slanket1Well I already know what I’m going to put on my Christmas list this year.  In fact I’ve already had a request to purchase one for the other half.  I came across this while looking on Amazon and it’s called a Slanket.

What is it?

It’s a blanket with sleeves for curling up on the settee on those cold winter nights or even cold summer nights.

The Slanket is basically a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. Put it on and curl up inside its cuddly massiveness and be snuggled by its sheer fleeciness. Then simply pop your favourite DVD on, open a big bag of Maltesers and settle down in comfort. Soft to the touch, lightweight and warm, it’s got large, loose sleeves so you don’t actually feel you’re wearing it.

Apparently even teenagers think it’s cool – wow, that’s saying something.

A Customer who bought this on Amazon said:

“I would recommend one of these for everyone they are so comfortable, warm and cosy, with the benifits of a blanket but because of the sleeves your not as restricted as you are with a blanket. With the slanket if the phone rings or you want to make a cuppa then you can keep it on and your still cosy where as if it was a blanket you would have to leave it on the chair and then wrap yourself up again before settling down to what ever you were doing.”

The slanket is the best thing I have come across.  My daughters have these also and they wouldn’t be without them because as they say dressing gowns are not for teenagers but the slanket is “cool and Trendy”


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