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August 30th, 2006

Friends R Us

Felt a little bit more motivated today. 

A really good friend of mine called me today, feeling very excited about a Personal Journey she is about to start.

Having battled with her weight over the last few months, due to many reasons, she has taken a really positive step and is embarking on a new diet. 

To some it would appear an extreme diet as you have no more than 500 calories per day and is called the Lighter Life diet.  It is not for the faint hearted. You need to ensure you are fit which calls for a check up with your doctor and you only eat the food that is provided by the company. 

It seems to be predominantly a soups and shakes type diet, but has all the vitamins and nutrition your body could need.  It also has the benefit of counselling, to help you through the process and to discover, for instance, why you may be addicted to food.  Which is why it really is a personal journey.

It is the type of diet that not only needs a strong will power to carry it through but also a really good understanding from people around you.  You can do without people trying to encourage you to have a ‘little bit of this’ or ‘ just one biscuit’, or to have any people around you like the housekeeper from Father Ted saying ‘go on, go on, go on’.

My friend is no fool and has done ample homework on the diet.  Yes, it may be extreme but when other avenues have failed what is wrong in trying something different.  Medically she is sound and she has weighed up all the pros and cons.  At the end of the day if it doesn’t suit her, she is sensible enough to stop.

The point of me highlighting this is two fold.  As a friend I am proud of her for trying and for having the determination to do it.  It will also take understanding from myself and another friend of ours as we do like our girlie meals out. 

My friend who is doing the diet has already pointed out that she doesn’t want this to stop, but in place of a meal she may be bringing along her own food or not eat while we are out.  As friends, if it is okay with her, then it is certainly not a problem with us.  (The naughty part of me though can’t wait to see the look on waiters/waitresses faces!)

I couldn’t believe though when she called me tonight, before going to her first briefing, that one of her work colleagues had spent all day asking her not to go.   How unfair is that?  She hasn’t even started and has encountered negativity already.

The second point to this is that she will be keeping a personal diary with photographs, measurements etc and has asked if I would be interested in it as an article for the website.  Would I ever? 

It will be a great article as I don’t think people realise the underlying pressures and emotions that people must go through when they know they need to lose weight.  My friend has used the term ‘clinically obese’ which I must admit stopped me in my tracks. 

In an age where concerns over weight and what we eat is continually in our faces, I think it will be a heart warming encounter.

So thank you to my friend for allowing the website to use the information and good luck.  I can’t wait to start learning more about you on your personal journey and to see you achieve all your personal goals.

2 Responses to “Friends R Us”

  1. The Other Half Says:

    Good luck!

    And… I think I know why her work colleague spent the day trying to dissuade her.

    She wants her to stay in "the pit" with the rest of them.

    What do I mean? Well, here’s a slightly different example. Someone decides they don’t want to carry on working in their very well paid job. They’ve had enough and it’s slowly bringing them down.

    So, they decide to do something about it and start their own business in their spare time and eventually hand their notice in. What do you think the TYPICAL reaction is by workmates?

    Is it "ooh, well done", "I wish I had the guts to do it", "if you need any help"…?

    Nope. It’s much more likely to be "you’re mad", "why are you giving up such a good job?", "I’ll give you 3 months before you’re looking for a job somewhere else - don’t do it!"

    Why is this? Simple, they want you to stay in the pit of misery with them, all friends together. The last thing they want is for you to go out, succeed, and make them all look like fools.

    So what you have to do is go out, succeed and make her look like a fool.

    It’s what she needs or else she’ll never leave her own personal pit.

    You go for it! And when it works out, I might give it a go too. ;-)

  2. Dawnie Says:

    I consider that part of the definition of a true friend would be someone who supports you in every way, shape and form. Thank you to my friend who is truly effective in her role! Also, thank you again for the beautiful flowers.

    My personal journey, as I’d like to refer to it began last night with a visit to Kidderminster to meet my counsellor and complete my induction, I also ‘went shopping’ to select 28 packs of food from the various flavours of shakes and soups that will be my supply for the next 7 days.

    Then came the dreaded photos with shots from the front and sides (luckily not the back, I don’t think the camera had a wide angle lens!). These are the ‘before’ pictures taken in preparation for the success story that will no doubt appear in the magazine in the future!

    It seems I exaggerated a little on my daily calorie allowance – I’m actually going to be consuming a whole 600 calories a day - plus 4 litres of water!

    Well, off to the loo again!!

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