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A Spring Hello

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Hello and happy Spring to you all.

Just thought I’d pop by and say I’m still around.  I haven’t sorted out the new site yet or the Pink Champagne site.  Not because I don’t want to but I have just had to stop everything and devote lots of mummy time to the family.  Plus hubby has been really busy (and not very well over the last few weeks) and I need his help with the new site.

A quick update though.  My youngest son has been going into school really well this week (but I haven’t been doing the school run).  Had my hysteroscopy on Tuesday which went well and due to a different lady I saw for my pre op assessment in the Easter holidays, I felt so much calmer about the whole thing.  So at least that’s out of the way now.

House is still a mess but getting better!

And the accounts need starting all over again for this financial year end.  Ho hum.  Not much changes around here then.

And if you’d noticed that one of my last posts had disappeared explaining why I wasn’t around, our server had a blip and lost it along with the comments that went with it.

So just to reiterate, I will be back soon, have to let a few things run their course in the real world!

Hope you’re all okay and big hugs to my friends.

ps.  It was my birthday last week and guess what my mom bought me (never too old for these).  A brand new bicycle. 

I have wanted one for years.  The last time I rode must be well over 20 plus years.

I rode it home from the shop grinning all the way and singing to myself "riding along on my pushbike honey . . . . ."

If you know that song, then that’s how long ago I rode a bike!!

Don’t Ask Me!

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

It’s that hormonal time of the month and it crept up on me unannounced this time.  I have decided that for about one week of every month I should NOT make decisions, organise anything or even open my mouth if I want something sensible to come out.

I have, on purpose, kept away from the blog because I haven’t been able to think straight.  Apologies to the lovely Misslionheart who tagged me at the weekend, I will follow it through as I’ve never done it before and to the very funny Anne who emailed me, I will respond!

I should have realised it wasn’t a good time coming when, I was standing in Homebase preparing to pay for some lightbulbs that I reached into my bag, pulled out my purse and attached to it was a lovely bright green sanitary towel!

I then tried to organise a meal out for my friends birthday next week.  Got everyone to agree on Wednesday when I realised that I couldn’t make it!  I hastily changed it to Tuesday and thankfully it is now booked.

I have also tried to plan a party for June time. Last year I unsuccessfully tried to get some friends together when my sister came over.  So this year I thought send out the invites really early.  It’s our 15th wedding anniversary this year and although that’s not the reason we’re holding it, it seemed like a good excuse.

So this week I notified all our friends of the date to put in their diary.  After chatting to one of my friends at school, she politely pointed out that the weekend I’d chosen was the weekend that my son might be on a school trip.  Oh for goodness sake!  I’ve now got to change that date too.

I get really, really tired and fall asleep at the drop of a hat in the evening and I become very sad and disillusioned with myself. I even told my husband that I wasn’t going to blog for at least three months.  However, he has gently encouraged me back to it with the promise of a new layout and some exciting changes, but not until I have it planned in my head (that last bit is my decision).  Oh he knows which buttons to press!

And then, the sun comes out, those days pass and I become sensible and rational again.  I need to help my husband with the business and I’ve agreed with him that once a month for about a week at a time I must not be asked any major decision making questions.

I also need to find a way of sorting this out, as a week every month is a long time to be ‘out of action’.

I decided to start this year on a positive and it was going well until this week.  It all backfired.   But as my mom often says, tighten your bra strap and start again.

So apologies for not having written this week, I will be back on form very soon.  Oh yes and a very big thank you to my friend, who sent me a very apt email about PMT.  If I can download it, I’ll post it on here to show you.

Primeval, Prime Time, Prime Rubbish

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

I need to have a rant, so please bear with me on this one.

I was a little stunned to see that ITV have moved Dancing on Ice to a Sunday instead of it’s usual prime time slot on a Saturday.  A great programme, something for all the family to watch and brilliant skating. In other words, completely harmless entertainment.

To find out they’ve replaced it at 7.00 on a Saturday night with Primeval is madness.  Why?

First of all we did watch the last series of Primeval and we thought it quite good, so were intrigued  to see how the new series faired.  However, after watching the first episode I won’t be allowing it on again.  Not at the time they’ve said.

I would like to ask this.  Whatever happened to censoring of programmes and what has happened to the 9.00 pm watershed?

A Saturday evening has, for me, always been about family viewing.  It’s a family night for us and ususally the only time we all sit and watch television.  The children love You’ve Been Framed and Harry Hill’s programme following it is light entertainment.

Primeval does not fit that bill.  The first episode was full of anomalies, continuity problems, questionable storyline and quite frankly more gore than should be on at that time of night. 

It showed a man having had his neck slashed by a dinosaur, another one being dragged back into a room, a baby dinosaur being eaten and a dinosaur having it’s head ripped off.  Is this suitable for early evening?  Not in my opinion.

What has happened to the sensibilities of people controlling what ‘they think we want to watch’ and more importantly ‘family’ morals when choosing the timing of programmes.

Primeval should NOT be on at 7.00 pm.

I know the answer to this is don’t watch the programme and trust me we won’t.  But shouldn’t some responsiblity lead back to the network?

Twenty Pence Worth of Fun

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

How much fun can you have with 20p these days.  Not at lot really. 

But in our household last night we had 10 minutes of fun for 20p!  I can see you are impressed.

In Sainsburys yesterday, they were selling off packs of 10 Christmas Crackers for 20p per box, so not being able to pass up such a bargain, I bought a couple of packets.  My youngest son loves the thrill of finding what’s inside even if it’s a bit rubbishy.  Who am I to spoil that?

We had one of their friends over last night too, so after tea I opened the box.  I’m not kidding they all rushed over to grab their booty.  And yes, for ten minutes we were all laughing at the silly jokes inside the crackers.

Here are a sample:

Q: Why, can’t you play jokes on snakes?

A: Because you can’t pull their legs.

Q: Why did the jelly baby go to school?

A: Because it wanted to be a smartie.

Q: What do you give a sick pig?

A: Oink-ment

Q: Why are false teeth like stars?

A: They come out at night.

Q: How do you start a bear race?

A: Ready, teddy, go.

What’s your favourite cracker joke?

Oh yes and are you a joke spoiler or a joke ‘let them give you the answer even when you know it’?

If my children are telling the joke I usually let them tell the answer, but if it’s an adult I can’t help but show my ’superior’ joke knowledge!!!

(I am being ironic here by the way, I always forget jokes.)

Sock It To Me Again

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

While sitting watching Tomb Raider Cradle of Life last night I did another mammoth sock matching exercise.

I created 110 pairs!

Does anyone else think I need to get my washing organised a little better?

I also managed to get rid of a big bag full of odd ones, old ones, too small ones, faded ones and ones that frankly should have left home years ago.  So very satisfying all round.

Memory Lane

Monday, January 7th, 2008

While hubby was updating my blog with the latest plug-ins last night I decided to while away some time on YouTube.  It’s great what you can find on there.

I found two music tracks from the past that I used to love and felt the need to share!

The first one was Ernie that never failed to make me cry, even last night as I watched it again

The second one was The Pretenders, I Go to Sleep which I also used to love although I hadn’t realised how many people had released this single as a cover version (including The Pretenders), but I love their version best.

What surprised me most was these were released over 25 years ago.  That shook me a little!

Stand Up and Be Counted

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

I read an interesting article on the blog Been There last night regarding television and how impressionable our children are when watching it and the responsibilities of the channels airing the programmes.  It was honing in on Jamie Spears, sister of Britney, who at 16 has announced she is pregnant. 

One of the authors, Cooper,  wrote an open letter to a newspaper which I could relate to regarding some of the teen programmes which show children in a really rude and sometimes obnoxious light.  I applaud her speaking out on a subject that has upset her.

Jamie Lynn Spears and My Open Letter to Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel
Originally posted on The Huffington Post:

Today, when my kids arrive home from school, I predict the first thing they will want to talk about is the fact that Zoey 101 is going to have a baby.

And then the questions will start. "Mom, isn’t she in like 9th grade?" "Mom, Jamie Lynn Spears isn’t married." "Mom, how can a kid have a baby?"

Click here for the rest of the article.

Obviously the answer would be not to let them watch the tv programmes, but is that letting the channels off lightly? How often do we really question things at a higher level and how often do we just let things go because it’s just easier that way?
The other reason this article stirred me is because I’m in a quandry at the moment regarding my son and school.  If you read my articles before Christmas you will know that my youngest son, who is now in year 2, is finding going to school unbearable.
The reason, as far as we can tell, is that school is no longer fun.  The games have reduced and there is more ‘hard work’ due to the pressure of SATs.  Although we have a sympathetic teacher, her hands are tied because of government objectives. 
At ages 6 and 7 should our children be pushed when they sometimes haven’t even grasped the basics?  I am not interested in SATs, I’m not interested in the results if I’m honest.  I would rather know that my child can write well, knows how to spell, can formulate his sentences properly and knows the basics in maths.  In other words the three R’s. 
For goodness sake they only teach them the 1 - 10 times tables at junior school.  (We rectify that at home.)
If they are being pushed because of timing limits in schools to the detriment of the basics, no wonder results are not good.  My son at infant school is doing things I didn’t touch until junior school.  My son who is at junior school is completing things I know we didn’t touch until senior school.  I consider that I had a good education.
My reason for rambling is because as a parent I think there is something fundamentally wrong.  I am fortunate to live in an area of good schools, I am fortunate that my children are intelligent.  But if school becomes a chore at such an early age what chance do we have to get them through the later years.
We know my son’s teacher is in agreement with us about the SATs and when I suggested it should go further, she agreed.  She actually wished that more parents would raise the issues.
That is such a telling statement.  I also have teacher friends who say that they are no longer ‘allowed’ to teach, having to fit in with such bureaucracy even to the point that in one school she worked at, they cut minutes from play time to keep in line with government guidelines.
I am also aware that my son does get on with work once I get him through the doors, but he does not enjoy it.  With him starting a new school in September this worries me immensely.  I know that through working with his teacher she is taking care to watch him more in class and other members of the teaching staff are being ‘nicer’ to him.
But with my daughter just starting out on the education ladder at nursery at what point do I say stop.  My eldest son also found it difficult reaching year 2 and it put him on a back foot for when he started junior school.  So I am more alert to the problem than the first time round.
Would I even make a difference?  Would it be worth even trying?  Maybe, maybe not, but I think I have to have a go to be able to say I tried.
What do you think?


Saturday, January 5th, 2008

This is a conversation I overheard between two 3 year olds.     

No 1: "Where do you live?"

No 2: "In a brown house"

No 1: Pauses for thought.  "What’s it made of?"

No 2:  "I don’t know" then adds "what’s yours made of?"

No 1:  "Bricks"

No 2 seriously thinks about this: "Can I have some of your bricks?"

No 1 stops to consider this and with a very worried look on her face replies:  "No, it will be destroyed".

If only life was as simple again.

What’s Better Than a Best Friend?

Friday, January 4th, 2008

What’s better than a best friend? . . . a best friend bearing gifts of chocolate!

One of my very bestest friends came over for a visit yesterday which was great.  We caught up with all the news over cups of tea and hugs.

What she didn’t know, was that prior to her arrival, despite the numerous bars of chocolates we have in the house from Christmas I couldn’t find anything to satisfy my taste buds.

White ChocolateWhen she turned up at the door she was holding one of my Christmas presents that had been accidentally left under the tree.  It was non other than a BIG bar of white Toblerone.  Yum, yum - my favourite.

We have a tradition each Christmas.  The three of us put together and buy each other a present and we head off to a favourite carvery, local to my friends, where we have a wonderful meal. 

After the food we each take it in turns opening our presents waiting in anticipation, not only to see what we’ve each been bought, but the faces on our friends when they open their parcels too.

It’s a fun night and it’s almost become a tradition that within my presents is white toblerone.   I did have a bar bought me (which only lasted a couple of days!) so I was already happy.

So to find that I had another bar was like wow!.   And yes, I am very easily pleased. :-)

Happy New Year 2008

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year to all my friends. 

2008 is at the door . . .

Remember, life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably,

and never regret anything that made you smile.


This was sent to me from one of my very good friends, pass it on. 

Oh yes and the answer to yesterdays story.  The shoes were found on the patio in the garden yesterday after having lived in a bush for the past four months apparently. 

They had been discovered a couple of weeks ago by one of the children and no one had mentioned it.  How they came to live in the garden is still a mystery and one that the children are still being ‘tight lipped’ about.  Of all the places to look for a pair of new shoes, the garden was not one of them. 

However, in future if anything else goes missing, guess where I’ll be checking first!

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