The Stig Unveiled?

June 21, 2009 by  

stigSo The Stig, the masked driver of Top Gear will be taking his helmet off on tonights show. What a brilliant marketing way of getting us all to tune in to the show which will be on at 8.00 pm on BBC 2 (Sunday 21st June 2009).

Call me cynical if you will but it doesn’t actually say they will be revealing who he is, just that he will be taking his helmet off. And for anyone who watches any race driving will know, underneath the helmet is a balaclava type fire protection thingy (okay I’m not in the technical know how here).

As Top Gear is known for it’s comedic performances, it will probably be either Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May dressed up or someone totally unlikely!

I will be truly amazed if they do show his whole face. Let’s wait and see.

It’s 8.47 pm and the programme is still on and they’ve revealed The Stig as Michael Schumacher, the former Formula 1 racing driver. He now advises for Ferrari and that’s probably why they let him drive a £1,000,000 Ferrari on the track in tonights show. But as for whether he’s the real Stig, will we ever find out?


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