The X Factor – Jamie Archer – WOW

September 16, 2009 by  


I’m sorry to say I just have to watch this programme.  I don’t like people being ridiculed especially when you know it’s all a set up anyway but I do love hearing the great singers.

It bought it home more when I read an article called “What happens at an X Factor audition?” by Genevieve Hassan, Entertainment reporter, BBC News.  She went through the gruelling audition process to see just what happens.

If you’re a talented singer then it’s obviously worth the  hassle, but when you realise that some of the less talented get put through to the judges for the ‘entertainment’ factor then that’s just cruel.

Jamie Archer also known as Jamie Afro is my absolute favourite of the singers shown so far (can’t  stop watching the you tube clip). His version of Sex on Fire was fabulous and left you wanting to hear more (okay left me wanting more!).

Very sexy on stage, let’s hope Jamie has more to pull from for the next rounds as he’s bound to be a hit with women voters.

Still trying to think which Abba song would suit him though – any ideas?

Hot on his heels is Danyl Johnson, the teacher who was also brilliant.

I also like Miss Fitz, Rozelle Phillip, Stacey and Shanna Goodhead and we’ve only just touched the surface.

Looks like it’s going to be a good show.  Love the new style too, giving people the chance to ‘rock their socks off’ to music.


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