Torchwood Children of Earth Final Part

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TorchwoodChildrenofEarthWhat an emotional build up for the last part of Children of Earth.

Plans are put into place by the Government to steal 10% of the children.

John Frobisher is then told by the Prime Minister that his children need to be made examples of  as well so the Government can save face after the event.  Faced with the prospect of losing his children to the 456 and having seen what they do to them, John takes a gun and kills his family before shooting himself behind closed doors.

The horror of the army turning up at schools and taking children against their will, the school’s will and the parents outside the school was such a heart wrenching story line.  Any parent watching this would have been shouting no at the screen.

And finally Jack Harkness sacrificing his own grandson against his daughter’s wishes to save millions of children.

The acting tonight was superb, the tears real and not just from the actors!  Russell T Davies not only wrote a damn good script but included a lot of throught provoking ideas.

The DVD will be available to purchase 13th July 2009, click on the picture.

The Cast

  • Captain Jack is played by John Barrowman
  • Gwen Cooper is played by Eve Myles
  • Ianto Jones is played by Gareth David-Lloyd
  • Rhys Williams (Gwen’s husband) is played by Kai Owen
  • Lois Habiba played by Cush Jumbo (what a great name)
  • Clem is brilliantly played by Paul Copley
  • John Frobisher played by Peter Capaldi
  • Bridget Spears is played by Susan Brown
  • Johnson is played by Liz May Brice
  • Mr Dekker (who had the original equipment from 1965 that made contact with the 456) is played by Ian Gelder
  • Brian Green PM is played by Nicholas Farrell
  • Alice Carter (Jack’s daugher) is played by Lucy Cohu
  • Dr Rupesh Patanjali played by Rik Makarem
  • Rhiannon Davies (Ianto’s sister) is played by Katy Wix
  • PC Andy Davidson played by Tom Price

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