Torchwood Children of Earth Part 3

July 9, 2009 by  

TorchwoodChildrenofEarthRussell T Davies is a genius writer.  Part 3 had that unique combination of not only gripping you but that scare factor that horrifies you as well.

It’s bad enough having all the children standing still at one time, pointing to the sky and saying ‘they are here’, but when the 456 landed in the specially designed box, well that was something else.

We haven’t seen the 456 yet, but the special effect of them splattering goodness knows what up the walls, was scary enough.

At least the team are all okay, but the cliff hanger last night was that Jack was the one who gave the children to the 456 in 1965 as a gift.

Another cliff hanger leaving us gagging for more.

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