Torchwood – Children of Earth

July 7, 2009 by  

TorchwoodChildrenofEarthI’ve always been mixed about Torchwood until last night. The BBC have made a 5 part series running every night this week called Children of Earth. Part 1 was on last night at 9.00 pm and what an edge of your seat show.

The writing was as good as any Doctor Who episode and it was great to see the down to earth humour of ordinary people in the show.

Like Ianto’s sister asking him if he was a bender, and Gwen saying she had her shots in order to travel into England. You had to watch it to appreciate the humour. That’s without having all the children stopping together across the world mouthing ‘We are coming’.

It held your interest and had a mighty cliffhanger with Jack having a bomb put inside him and the show closing with Torchwood headquarters being blown up and it was only Part 1!

I am not usually one for being glued to the tv at the same time every night, but I am getting the popcorn ready at five to nine, phone turned off and nothing is going to disturb watching tonight’s episode.

Torchwood Children of Earth Part 2

Torchwood Children of Earth Part 3

Torchwood Children of Earth Part 4

Torchwood Children of Earth Final Part


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