Trinny and Susannah – What They Did Next

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Trinny and Susannah are probably best remembered for their series of shows What Not To Wear.  No matter what you may have thought about their shows or even what you may have thought about their personalities, they are about to become the big stars again with a huge fan base.

Having seen an article recently about their new web show I took a sneaky peak and I have been completely hooked.

They made a series of 16, 6 minute segments about what they’ve been up to recently and it makes for compulsive viewing.  Funny, laugh out loud, brilliant acting, they’ve obviously found something else they are good at.

It’s a fly on the wall spoof documentary but has been well put together and I defy you not to be able to resist checking out the rest of the episodes when you’ve seen the first one.  There are some big names within the show including royalty, which I won’t spoil for you.

They have their own Trinny and Susannah website along with their What They Did Next website which is where you can find all the episodes.

For a taster watch here:

For the rest of the shows click here – What They Did Next.


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