Wat-er Way To Go

August 5, 2009 by  

swimming-poolIf someone asked you to have a bath with loads of strangers that some may have urinated or spat in – would you?

If someone said you can use the toilet but you’ll need to be barefoot when walking through the wet – would you?

If someone said you can have a shower with about a dozen other people, again strangers – would you?

On the face of it you’d probably say no.  But today I said yes to all these things in the name of entertaining children during the school holidays.

I took them to the local swimming baths.

I dislike public swimming baths especially when they are heaving with people like today.  However in the name of love (as I pointed out to my children) I took them to the local baths because they were desperate to go.  Suffice to say they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I counted the minutes to home time.

The amount of chemicals that must be in the water must be unbelievable.  I say this because on returning home I noticed that the nail varnish I could not remove from my toes had effectively been cleaned off in the chlorinated water.  Result!


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