We Are Klang Series 1

August 12, 2009 by  

WeAreKlangWe Are Klang is another slightly wacky comedy series from BBC 3, set in the fictitious town of Klangbury.

We Are Klang are an established comedy group made up of Greg Davies who is compared to ‘a very fat (but tall) Rik Mayall’ ,  Steve Hall who is compared to ‘a poor man’s David Baddiel’  and Marek Larwood who is likened to ‘a homeless Matt Lucas’ and is the one most likely to be slapped about.

Greg is the Deputy Mayor of Klangbury, Steve is responsible for Health and Safety and Marek is Councillor Without Portfolio.  They also have the Department of Audience which is the people seated in the audience.

All sounds a bit strange.  Well in truth is probably is.  Set before a live audience, the stage is their office with video footage of scenes filmed outside being cut in throughout.  Probably a bit annoying for the live audience but it all meshes well when watching it on tv.

Each episode sees the trio having to deal with problems within the town.  This week it was items disappearing from people’s homes along with the police force and a wig being stolen.  It all turns towards the juggler who was after the Deputy Mayor for turning down a planning application.

Zany yes but with some laugh out loud moments.  All likeable characters, definitely one to keep watching.


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