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July 31, 2009 by  

clouds1Apparently the Met office has been under fire for not being able to forecast the weather properly.  Is that such a big surprise?

Weather is one of Mother Nature’s main forces and like any woman is unpredictable.  Plus as my grandad used to say, we live on an island surrounded by sea and therefore are open to changes.

We can’t control the weather nor I’d have thought, can we be accurate about the day to day changes.  Sometimes the Met get it right and we congratulate them, sometimes it’s wrong and we berate them.

Unfortunately unlike the good old days other factors have started interfering with nature’s natural way of reading the weather ie at one time seeing ants swarming used to mean a couple of days good weather.

But by now we should all just accept that the seasons are changing and we have to adapt to it and stop worrying about it.

Use the weather forecasts by all means as a guide, but don’t live your life by them.

Do you have any natural ways of reading what the weather will by like (apart from looking out your window) if so, leave a comment.  Thanks.


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