Who Do You Dress Like?

June 11, 2009 by  

bootsAre you a dedicated follower of fashion or do you throw on the first thing you can find that smells ok without too many creases in it? Do you pore over magazines researching where to buy the latest fashion must have at the lowest price or are you too busy checking out the latest bargains at Primark?

And what about the accessories too? It’s astonishing when you flick through a magazine and see celebrities with the biggest (and often ugliest) bags adorning their arms just because it has a ‘label’ on it. What some of these people spend on a handbag could be spent on a small car these days and is it worth it just to be able to say you own it? I suppose if you have a few thousand spare change then maybe it is.

Quite often the high street has the nearest thing to the high fashion garments that seduce you from the runway so you don’t have to spend your life savings just to look good, but how much is reasonable?

With London Fashion Week approaching in September will you be watching closely to see what you should be wearing this winter or will you just get out your old pac a mac and wellies from last year?


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