Woolworths – The Lost Treasure

June 25, 2009 by  

woolworthsMaybe I’m just a sentimental old fool, but I really miss Woolworths.? Every shopping area you visit is haunted by the ghost of a former Woolworths store standing lonely in the high street.

I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear when they all closed.

I understand that maybe it wasn’t everyone’s favourite shop, but I loved it for the fact I could buy anything in it. Even now when planning a children’s party, needing a photo frame, toys for presents, party costumes, shoes, pretty much anything actually, I immediately think of Woolworths. And the stationery. My mom used to say I had more stationery than Woolworths. I loved their inexpensive range.

Oh and the sales, were always brilliant. Not like a lot of shops who bring out the crap they can’t sell, you always felt that it was a genuine sale.

The store is irreplaceable because now it means I have to make several journeys to other stores instead of being able to buy everything under one roof. And to be honest, the feedback from people I know is the same as mine. There is no other store to compare, so I really don’t know what went wrong. The nearest shop like it now is Wilkinsons, but I don’t have one close by. W H Smiths is impersonal and expensive and also only available in larger towns. Toys R Us is a mammoth trial because there is too much stuff in there which is distracting.

We used to buy all our music from Woolworths in the good old days of vinyl through to buying CDs of more up to date artists.

Although it’s not the same I was pleased to hear that finally the on-line store is up and running and it’s a nice, clean site. But still needs some work. When you click on an ‘info’ button, you don’t get any bigger pictures or more detailed information on products such as the party items (maybe you don’t need them although I would prefer it.). To be successful Woolworths are going to need to change that although they are offering free delivery on thousands of  dvds, games, books and cds.

But do go and look at the Pick and Mix – that’s fun.

I will no doubt while away the time having a good look around the site. It won’t be the same as spending time moseying around the store, because that was also the beauty of Woolworths. I use the internet a lot, but Woolworths drew me in to the store.

I hope it works for them, but really I’d love to see one or two shops back up and running. Maybe if the on-line side works it may happen.

Meanwhile if you want to read who’s behind the new on-line store click here to take you off to the on-line Wall Street Journal.


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