X Factor 2010 – Live Show 2

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All change with the X Factor.  Excellent performances by Matt Cardle, Mary Byrne, Rebecca Ferguson and Treyc Cohen.  John Adeleye upped his game and sang brilliantly and Aidan put in a disappointing performance after last week.   Also, Cher Lloyd actually sang!

With Simon and Dannii both an act down this is what it looked like last night.

Simon’s groups – Belle Amie, One Direction and Diva Fever.

Cheryl’s  girls – Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Rebecca Fergusson and Treyc Cohen

Dannii’s boys – Aiden Grimshaw,  Matt Cardle and Paije Richardson

Louis’  Over 28′s – Mary Byrne, Storm Lee, John Adeleye and Wagner

Storm – Sang Born to Run.  A little flat in places but the song suited his voice and he put in a decent performance.

Treyc Cohen – Sang Purple Rain. Treyc is a fantastic singer.  She absolutely smashed this song.  Treyc has a really powerful voice but not to the point of being overpowering.  My only comment would be to watch the wobbly bits in her voice.  Too many can be annoying.


Paije Richardson – Sang If I Ain’t Got You.  Paije has a good voice.  He has a nice easy sound to listen to.  Not sure about his styling, looks like he’s being dressed for the 80′s and don’t know what Dannii is trying to do with him.  He’s worth more.

One Direction – Sang My Life Would Suck Without You.  Love this Kelly Clarkson song and it suited the group.  Glad to see they put Liam on lead vocals this week.  Simon did the wrong thing last week.  Liam and Harry (curly haired one?) are both good lead singers.  Great performance, although there is one lad (not sure of his name) who still looks really uncomfortable and he’s not one of the stronger singers.  It’s not surprising when you think they are suddenly singing to millions of people on tv but Simon needs to look out for him and build his confidence.  Really like the group.

Cher Lloyd – Sang Hard Knock Life.  Can’t help but like the sound of her voice because it is so different.  Better song for her not least because she sang more which showed her voice off better.  Still don’t think Cher’s as good as some of the other contestants, but she has got a commercial sound.  As she’s only young she has chance to really improve and become much stronger.  Still want to hear more from her which is always a good thing with an artist.

John Adeleye – Sang A Song For You.  Much better song choice and he sang it brilliantly.  Love his voice.


Diva Fever – Sang Barbara Streisand.  Not a huge amount of vocals with this song, but fun, fun, fun. Originally by Duck Sauce (two DJ’s have remixed it).

Rebecca Ferguson – Sang Feeling Good.  Great song choice and what a fabulous performance.  Rebecca has such a unique and fantastic voice.  The way she sang this song was incredible.  Would buy her record.  She’s been likened to Sade, but I think she is way better.


Aiden Grimshaw – Sang Jealous Guy.  Not a good song or performance for Aiden last night.  What a shame.  After a fantastic performance last week, this started off shaky, got better, but just wasn’t in the same league.  Does this show he hasn’t got the range with his voice to tackle different songs or was it just nerves after having such great reviews last week?  He needs the chance to show us more.

Wagner – Sang Just Help Yourself.  Again he is very likeable but it was a weak performance.  His vocals (not that he is a good singer) were overshadowed by the music.  Perhaps that was Louis’ plan.

Katie Waissel -  Sang I would Rather Go Blind.   Still not the best artist out of the finalists but she sang it well. Didn’t like her make up last night, it didn’t suit her.  I am still torn with Katie.  Despite all the nice things they keep saying about her she still comes over false.  Without controversy though where would the X Factor be!

Belle Amie – Sang You Really Got Me.   Better song for them and they performed it well.  They still need to gel more and decide you should be lead singers.

Mary Byrne – Sang You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.  What I love more than hearing Mary sing is the audience reaction to her.  It speaks volumes.  Another fantastic, goose bumpy song from Mary.  Her hair and make up were softer this week, looked even nicer.


Matt Cardle – Sang Just The Way You Are. Wow, wow and more wow.  What a brilliant singer. Absolutely love his voice and just want to hear more, more, more.  The single best performance of the night, worthy of a single – which I would buy.   And of course, he is gorgeous!


The Fab last night (the best) – Matt Cardle,  Mary Byrne, Rebecca Ferguson, John Adeleye, Treyc Cohen

The Drab last night (the not so hot) – Wagner,  Aidan Grimshaw,  Storm

And in the style stakes, 2 – 0 to Dannii who looked radiant lovely again last night.  Hair looked great and so did her dress.  Cheryl does not suit the red hair (taking style tips from Sharon Osbourne?).

As I said in my last post there is definitely animosity between the Chermon camp (Simon and Cheryl) and Loudan (Louis and Dannii).  If Cheryl isn’t careful she is going to lose her ‘sweatheart’ image.  I already feel she is over exposed on tv at the moment.  It’s clear that Simon and Cheryl are in league with each other.

X FACTOR LIVE SHOW 2 RESULT NIGHT – Storm is voted out first.  Judges choose between Belle Amie and Diva Fever.  Louis, Dannii and Cheryl vote to keep Belle Amie, Simon is saved from making a decision.


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