X Factor 2010 – Live Final Show 5

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xfactor1American Athems week, again with some very nervous performances.  Many of the contestants seemingly out of their comfort zones.
Tonight we had:

Simon’s group – One Direction.

Cheryl’s  girls – Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Rebecca Fergusson and Treyc Cohen

Dannii’s boys – Aiden Grimshaw,  Matt Cardle and Paije Richardson

Louis’  Over 28′s – Mary Byrne and Wagner

Cher Lloyd – Sang Empire State of Mind.  Back to her rapping in this rendition.  Good version in her usual unique style.  She proved she could sing last week and this combined the best of both.  She looked  a little upset by Simon’s comments probably because he so praised her last week.  Fans loved her.


Mary Byrne – Sang There You’ll Be by Faith Hill.   She was good but prefer her to be belting out a song. This was an average song and it sounded a little flat.  Agreed with Dannii’s comments that she wasn’t her usual self when singing this song.

Katie Waissel -  Sang Don’t Speak by Gwen Stefani.  Better seeing her without all the silly make up.  Not a strong performance though, sounded flat in parts.  Agreed with Dannii that she didn’t seem to connect and Simon felt it fell apart a bit in the middle of the lyrics.

Aiden Grimshaw – Sang Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor.  Put his own unique style into this song.  Love the song and quite liked his version.  Good reaction from the audience.  Cheryl finally admitted that this was his style.  Simon told the audience that the song had only been put in 24 hours ago and called it brilliant.  It even made Aiden smile!


Paije Richardson – Sang I’m A Believer mixed slightly with Hey Ya.  Really like Paije love his voice. This seemed a bit messy.  Would like to see him do Gnarls Barkley.  Cheryl liked it and thought it his best performance to date.  Simon liked the two songs and thought it also his best performance.

Rebecca Ferguson – Sang To Make You Feel My Love written by Bob Dylan.  Another amazing performance from Rebecca.  Louis said she stands out and she should get a recording career.  Dannii said it was amazing too!   Simon said absolutely fantastic and she would make a good ambassador.


Wagner - Sang a mix of two songs Viva Las Vegas and The Wonder of You. Both by Elvis. Viva Las Vega completely flat but the Wonder of You was better.  Still can’t sing though!  Dannii agreed with me on this one and her and Cheryl thought he could be a wedding singer in the Vegas Churches.  Simon says he likes him although he shouldn’t like him.  He also liked the performance.

Matt Cardle – Sang The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.  Back to his brilliant standard this week. Haunting and passionate, totally fabulous. Louis said it was another outstanding song and stole the show. Cheryl said it absolutely blew her away, spine tingling.  Simon said it was completely and utterly stunning. Simon said it was the Matt and Rebecca show tonight.  The crowd went wild.


Treyc Cohen – Sang I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.  Not as good as some weeks although still a great singer.  Simon said can’t fault the vocals but missing the killer instinct.  Thinks she’s a fantastic singer but missing the passion.

One Direction – Sang Kids in America by Kim Wilde.  A good fun song for them.  Not sure it’s record releasing material that Simon thought it would be.  Louis thought it a brilliant way to end the show, Louis said it wasn’t an America Anthem.  Dannii thought it a great performance although vocally not the best of the night.  Cheryl said it cheered her up and brightened the night.

The Fab this week (the best) – Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson

The Drab this week (the not so hot) – Wagner, Katie Waissel

X FACTOR LIVE SHOW 5 RESULT NIGHT – Sing off between Treyc Cohen and Katie Waissel.  Cheryl abstained from voting, Dannii chose to keep Treyc and Simon and Louis voted to keep Katie. Treyc sent home.  Drama queen Katie up to her usual tricks beforehand though, forgetting her words, being all teary eyed and appealing to be saved with her song.  When will they wise up?


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