X Factor 2010 – Live Final Show 7

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xfactor1Tonight is Beatles night on the X Factor.  A real mix about of who were the better singers tonight.  Good performances from One Direction, Mary Byrne, Paije Richardson and Katie Waissel.

Performing tonight:

Simon’s group – One Direction.

Cheryl’s girls – Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and Rebecca Fergusson

Dannii’s boys – Matt Cardle and Paije Richardson

Louis’  over 28′s – Mary Byrne and Wagner

Matt Cardle – Sang Come Together.  Tried a different style but I didn’t like the arrangement.  This is the first week I haven’t liked his performance.  Louis said there was something missing tonight.  Cheryl said it was so nice to see the cheeky chap come out.  Simon said he thought the styling was too much to the left.  Crowd went wild though.

Cher Lloyd – Sang Imagine.   Liked Cher’s take on this beautiful song and it’s always good to hear her sing rather than rap.  Crowd loved it too.  Louis said it was a great song choice but it didn’t go anywhere for him, lazy performance.  Dannii thought it was fantastic and she shows versatility.  Simon said part of him was happy she did it but what he liked she has shown the sweet person she is.  But he didn’t like the fact she sang on the stairs.


One Direction – Sang All You Need is Love.  Great performance by the band, love seeing Harry singing up with the lead vocals.  They looked good tonight.  Loved their version of this song.  Louis said loved the arrangement and they had lifted their game.  Dannii said another fantastic performance, commented on the backing singers letting them down.  Cheryl said another great performance.


Rebecca Ferguson – Sang Yesterday.  Always like Rebecca’s voice and version.  Something not quite right, slightly off this week although I still liked the performance.  Maybe it needed something stronger.  Louis said made it her own.  Dannii said it wasn’t her favourite, she seemed nervous, not as on top of it as usual.  Simon said it’s the only time he’s seen her look nervous.

Mary Byrne – Sang Something In The Way He Moves.  Mary is BACK!  A fantastic performance, one of my favourites.  Crowd went wild again.  Dannii said when she is on it, she is on it, that was up there with her best, best performance.  Cheryl felt relaxed about her performance.  Simon said Louis chose the right song.  Sang much better than last week and she’s got her confidence back.


Paije Richardson – Sang Let It Be.  Loved this performance and liked his styling this week,  suited him.  Louis said he can win the competition if he carries on like this and sees a lot of potential.  Cheryl said there was something really angelic and beautiful about the performance.  Simon said brilliant song and he performed it very, very well and a million times better than last week.


Wagner – Sang Get Back, Hippy Hippy Shake and Hey Jude.  What is there to say.  He can not sing and this is a singing competition although this week sounded his best!  Mixed reaction from the crowd.  Dannii didn’t know what to say.  Cheryl had a go at him for comments he supposedly made about her and coming from a council estate.  She said think how lucky he is to be on this stage. Simon said it was the worst version of a Beatles song he’s ever heard.

Katie Waissel – Sang Help.  Very sixties look – elfin.  Probably her best performance yet.  Prefer her going back to her roots, a really nice performance from Katie.  More subtle and more her.  Louis said he loved her new look and vocally the performance was incredible.  Dannii said it was the first time she put the effort into the first song than her second.  Simon said lyrically it was genious.   He loved the performance.


The Fab this week (the best) – One Direction, Mary Byrne, Paije Richardson, Katie Waissel

The Drab this week (the not so hot) – Matt Cardle, Wagner

X FACTOR LIVE SHOW 7 RESULT NIGHT – Sing off between Paije Richardson and Cher Lloyd. Simon, Louis and Cheryl saved Cher.  Dannii saved Paije.  Paije Richardson leaves the show.


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